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Explore the buzz behind Prince Harry's rumored divorce. Is there truth in the whispers, or just more royal rumbles? Grab your sleuthing hat and dissect the drama with us.

Prince Harry’s p5nis and a royal wedding: What exactly happened?

Being a royal undoubtedly comes with several privileges, but avoiding a frostbitten penis is definitely not one of them. This actually happened to Prince Harry back in 2011, at Prince William & Kate Middleton’s wedding. Several point fingers at the way Meghan & Harry are capitalizing on their personal story, they’ve even been compared to the Kardashians. But we think there’s actually a bright side to that. 

We can all agree that a royal heart opening has a royal cost as well, which only someone like Oprah Winfrey could possibly afford. Meghan & Harry are getting a big economic profit out of all the TV show documentaries, books, and podcasts they’ve produced. But further the money & the drama, there’s something comforting in humanizing royalty, especially the whole family dynamic which is usually glamourized.   

Since Meghan & Harry abandoned England and opened up about how their lives were living as royals, we’ve come to know more than we ever expected about the Prince. From Prince Harry’s virginity to Kate & Meghan’s personal issues, to know that the Prince once suffered from a frostbitten penis at his brother’s royal wedding. But how did that happen? 

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Prince Harry’s book Spare

Prince Harry recently confessed to having suffered from a frostbitten penis, in his new memoir. January 10th is the date for Prince Harry’s book Spare to come out, yet it accidentally went on sale in Spain yesterday. Billed by Penguin Random House, Spare is a book of the Prince’s memories that has been described with terms like “raw” and “unflinching honesty”.

According to Prince Harry, this book comes from “insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief”. Also from the hipper strategy of capitalizing on his experience as a Prince now that he’s no longer living in a castle. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with it, in fact, he’s not the only one doing so, have you heard about Taylor Swift? 

It’s amazing to realize that the royal family, weddings and all the luxurious lifestyle portrayed in magazines actually holds bizarre invisible details behind them. Who would’ve imagined that Prince Harry is suffering from having his penis frosted in all the Royal Wedding pictures of 2011? How wonderful, it’s a fact that no one can escape the meme culture in the 21st century. But how did that happen?

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Prince Harry’s penis

The real question here is, how does anyone get their genitals frosted? Well, there should be a couple of ways to get there, but in the case of Prince Harry, it had to do with his Wounded 200-mile expedition in March 2011. On this trip, the Prince embarked on the North Pole by the side of four ex-servicemen who have injured in Afghanistan. There are several pictures of the Prince literally swimming in frosted water. 

This trip affected his cheeks, ears, and genitalia. According to Prince Harry, he received comments from his father about his cheeks & ears, little did he know those weren’t the only affected areas. Nevertheless, while his cheeks & ears were healing, down there everything was still cold and started to affect the Prince’s day-by-day routine, honestly, how couldn’t it?  

Prince Harry confessed in his book having used Elizabeth Arden cream trying to heal the area, but if you ever get a frostbitten penis, please go to the doctor. Apparently, a frostbitten penis isn’t as rare as you may think, so, if you live in a cold city, always remember to keep it warm down there. This might be something to consider for all those iced bucket bath lovers. 

Have you read Prince Harry’s book already? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below! 

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