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How do you cope with a controversial royal's death? With dark humor memes, of course. Fasten your seatbelts because we're all speeding to hell!

Prince Philip has died: Mourn the royal with these dark humor memes

We all grieve in our own way. Some of us cry, some of us sulk, some of us go numb . . . and some of us look at memes. Dark humor memes, and the darker the better. Here at Film Daily, we know everybody processes death differently, so no judgment here.

All this to say: Prince Philip just died. And if you think the internet isn’t overflowing with memes – the dark humor kind – about it, then you must not be very familiar with how things work online. Allow us to introduce you to the world wide web then. Today’s class is Dark Humor Memes About Prince Philip’s Death 101.

Setting the tone

Yikes! I know we said this would be all about dark humor, but surely there were slightly gentler memes to ease ourselves into the subject. Anyway, you think The Crown is to blame for all this animosity against Prince Philip?

They (used to) live

All the bubblegum in the world won’t change the fact that Prince Philip outlived Roddy Piper. Think about that for a while.

Love after love

You laugh now, but let’s be honest: when most of us hit seventy, we’ll probably look closer to Prince Philip than we will to Cher.

Tabloids assemble!

Standard memes are built around a kernel of truth. Dark humor memes take that kernel and shove it down your throat. You know it’s only a matter of time before The Daily Mail or one of those other British papers whips up a nasty headline involving Meghan.

Semi-solved mystery

It’s a multipurpose classic!

Royal stare

Every action has an equal opposite reaction. Just ask Hamilton’s Thomas Jefferson.

Shake your head “yes”

We generally love Harry, but there’s no going back after that Oprah interview.

Define “too soon”

Come on, guys. He was almost 100.

Closing time

They’ve turned on the lights, turned the music off . . .

We live in a society

There’s a reason why Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for his portrayal of The Joker: he managed to embody the dark humor memes attitude.

Big Brother

To be fair, they’re going to get us for one thing or another. We’re past the point of no return when it comes to nasty internet jokes.

Peace & understanding

Of course, this meme lovingly assumes Prince Philip made it to heaven.

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