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Peter Gadiot is undeniably handsome. We put together some of our his hottest moments in 'Queen of the South' just for the fun of it.

‘Queen of the South’: Check out these hot Peter Gadiot scenes

Queen of the South has a lot of great things going for it. We love our badass Teresa Mendoza, we love the intensity of the plot, and we love Peter Gadiot as James Valdez. What can we say? He’s pretty.

We know the Queen of the South fandom has a very soft spot for Gadiot in their hearts so we thought we’d go ahead and put together a nice little list of some of the very best (and hottest) scenes he has in the show.

I won’t leave you

This might not be Peter Gadiot’s most physically attractive scene, but seeing James take care of Teresa like this makes our hearts feel all fuzzy.

Refusing to leave her behind even though she asks? Excellent. The little bit with the cactus? Great. The moment he decides to put himself in danger in order to keep her safe? The perfect man.

It’s okay, I took care of it

Protective James makes us melt every single time. Teresa was running scared, but he very gently comforted her until she felt better.

We don’t recommend watching past the kiss though, because, as you well know, the scene goes from sweet & beautiful to an oh-no-WTF moment very quickly. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

In this together

Okay, for a moment let’s ignore the fact there’s a tracker in the video game player, yeah? This scene shows Peter Gadiot playing a very quietly confident James & we love it. He’s gentle, but still very self-assured.

Also, watching this video back to back with the one before it makes us realize, Teresa needs to be more careful who she’s pointing a gun at, doesn’t she?

Try and get some sleep

James trying to do his best to comfort Teresa will always make us swoon right off the couch. It’s a simple & quick moment, but it makes us want to say, “where can we get a man like that?”

When you hear gunshots . . .

We’re suckers for a leather jacket, what can we say?

We just cannot get over that long look where the two of them don’t say anything & but have a full conversation with their eyes. Of course, there’s also the fact James is about to run headlong into danger to keep Teresa safe. It’s kind of his thing, isn’t it?

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  • Great article!! Amazing actor and great show!

    September 11, 2020

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