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A David Letterman interview with Paris Hilton is now getting the internet side-eye. Here's the who, what, when, and why of it all.

The nude truth: Did a teacher sexually assault Paris Hilton?

Another baby got assaulted by a teacher one more time and its not Britney Spears we’re talking about but Paris Hilton. Sexually relating with a teacher is one of the most common sexual fantasies, however, there’s a very thin line with reality. Besides, there are some scenarios that we should keep inside our heads. Since 2017 the #The MeToo movement opened the door for many women to open up about their history. 

Unfortunately, no women escapes from gender violence nor sexual assault, not even the most known celebrities. Recently, Paris Hilton revealed her sexual assault history, which involves an eighth-grade teacher who groomed and kissed her. But why speak about it now? According to the celebrity it has taken years,“decades” for Paris to recognize herself as a victim.

Sexual assault has many different faces, the story of a girl getting raped while waking on the street is not the only way to get sexually assaulted. In fact, there are some times when women get assaulted by their lovers, or people they highly admire, like a teacher! This is why testimonies like Paris Hilton’s are so important. Get ready, because here’s the nude truth about this particular case!

Paris Hilton is far from the only celebrity with a sex tape. Read up on the most notorious tape releases here.

The nude truth of Paris: The Memoir

Paris: The Memoir got published last Tuesday where our beloved Paris Hilton reveals details we never even imagined. Although the traditional way to expose an abuser is through a Twitter thread or during a march, Hilton decided to wait till the publishing of her memoir. Here the heiress recalled how one of her eighth grade teachers assaulted when she was a teenager. 

Mr. Abercrombie is the name of the teacher who told her to have a crush on her, which is a completely inappropriate comment coming from a high school teacher. Although Paris Hilton describes him as a “handsome young instructor” and she might have even shared the crush with him, there’s no way that she didn’t get assaulted. No matter how Hilton felt about Mr. Abercrombie, she wasn’t an adult!

Aside from telling her to be his crush, Hilton eventually gave her phone number to the teacher, who asked her to keep their relationship a secret.“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood and special”. This is just a sneak peak of Hilton’s writing in her memoir! 

Apparently, Paris Hilton never got to a nude intimacy with the so-called Mr. Abercrombie, nevertheless, it’s equally an assault no matter how far it gets. 

High School Fantasy 

Let’s get to the nude truth, we have no control over our sexual fantasies and sometimes our desires would be politically incorrect. Honestly, most pornographic content depicts highly improper relationships, like step mothers and fathers or teenagers that go to school. But is this something bad? Where is the line that no one should cross? 

Our fantasies exist for a reason and the fact that we fantasize about something doesn’t necessarily mean that we actually want to make it come true! Maybe if we gave our fantasies the place they deserve without punishing them so much we would not be looking for them in the real world. Also, the fact that several sexual assault cases stay unattended somehow allows them to keep happening. 

Might these kinds of testimonies from hiper public figures finally get to give these topics the visibility they need to be taken as a serious problem! These cases should also be an opportunity to see Hilton as a complex being

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