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Rumors have been fluttering about a Paris Hilton pregnancy today. Uncover the story and see if there's any truth to all of the celeb's baby gossip.

Paris Hilton isn’t pregnant: How did she make the shocking announcement today?

As the pop culture time warp seems to place us squarely in 2005 today with headlines about Britney Spears & Jackass flooding publications, we have a new story this week. That’s right, Paris Hilton is back in the news as zoomers across the country can be heard desperately asking, “who?” in response. 

Paris Hilton was at supernova level celeb status back in the early 2000s, and gen z will be shocked to learn the heiress was once bigger than Kim, who once rode the superstar’s coattails. However, Paris continues to burn herself in the cultural fabric today, and even years after her peak, audiences are still interested in the magnate’s personal life. This week, we got hit with the big one: pregnancy. Here’s the tea.


Rumors developed about a Paris Hilton pregnancy this week after a Page Six story dropped in which a source claimed the celeb had a bun in the oven. Fans tittered around the globe wondering if the famous party girl and former Simple Life star was on her way to becoming Mommy.

The rumors follow Paris’s engagement to her boyfriend, businessman Carter Reum. Reports say the two were engaged back in February 2021, and the age-appropriate forty year-olds have had their eyes set on family life for some time. Today, however, Mommy Paris & Daddy Carter may not come to be as soon as some gossipers might think.

Not yet

Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Paris Hilton has denied any rumors she is pregnant on her podcast This is Paris

On Tuesday afternoon, she took to the podcast to tell her fans she isn’t with child, “not yet”. The heiress is quoted saying, “I’m waiting until after the wedding” and said she’s holding out until 2022 to start working on a family. Paris went on to tell her fans some more details about her family plans. She assured them she plans to have a family, just not right at the moment. 

Hilton is quoted saying, “One day I can’t wait to have a little girl, I’m going to name her London. I love London and Paris together. And for my boy I want to name him after a city, or a country or a state as well. I have the name but I’m not going to say it yet. I might keep it a surprise, I don’t want anyone stealing my baby name for that one”.

Well, Paris has made the facts clear to any skeptical fans thinking she’s on her way to the land of cribs & diapers. However, since Reum & Hilton have only been together since 2019, and considering Paris’s spirited engagement past, fans are wondering if the two will last until family time comes. Paris again let fans know what time it is. 

Dream guy

Page Six reported Paris couldn’t be happier with Beau Carter Reum. She is quoted on the Trend Reporter podcast saying “He’s just my dream guy. … [Carter is] 100 percent [the one] . . . we talk about [planning a wedding] all the time and planning our baby’s names and all of that”. 

The two appear to be ready, but patient for the right time to start building their white picket fence. However, we imagine the fence will guard a massive home.

Reum seems to share Paris’s appetite for a life of luxury. Reports say the businessman proposed to Paris on a private island with a Jean Dousset-designed emerald cut diamond ring. Paris told Vogue the couple makes each other better people and that Reum was “worth the wait” after a lifetime of romantic relationships. Today, the two await to be wed by 2022.

Do you think Paris Hilton will be a mom by 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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