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Is it true that Paris Hilton is actually married? Why does Piers Morgan say they are?

Is Paris Hilton married? Piers Morgan claims he’s her husband

The name Paris Hilton brings to mind images of tiny dogs, designer clothes, silky blonde hair, and luxury. One of the things her name does not bring to mind is Piers Morgan. Morgan is best known for his hosting position on the show Good Morning Britain and making sexist remarks on Twitter with the occasional dash of toxic masculinity.

Nobody would think to pair Paris Hilton and Piers Morgan for anything – not even something as simple as a business lunch  – let alone something as big as marriage. So, when Piers Morgan recently claimed he was married to the heiress reactions were filled with shocked silence and then laughter.

The claim

Perez Hilton was on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, and during his interview, due to their shared last name, Paris Hilton is brought up. As Perez was clarifying he isn’t actually related to the heiress in any way, Piers Morgan pipes up to say he’s technically still married to the famous blonde. Considering nobody thought he was married to her in the first place this seems like an odd statement.

His co-host and Perez both scoff in confusion and surprise, but Morgan doubles down saying “true story, there’s video of it”. Almost as if he planned this little surprise tid-bit he asks the crew to show some of the footage, and sure enough after a few moments of awkward joking the video pops right up.

What really happened

So, it’s true, Piers Morgan and Paris Hilton took part in a fifteen minute wedding ceremony at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Though, Morgan’s claim of “technically” still being Paris’s husband would be incorrect, unless the two signed a marriage license, which seems unlikely. Thus, there would be no need for an annulment or divorce and Paris Hilton doesn’t have to call Piers Morgan “hubbie”. This also means Morgan can avoid any further claims of bigamy.

The ceremony, which cost $300, included Paris’s dog who “walked her down the aisle”, and three different impersonators including the Las Vegas classic, Elvis Presley, and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator standing in as the maid of honor.

Paris Hilton walked down the aisle to “That’s Amore” wearing an Enzoani strapless dress, and received a gigantic ring, which was purchased from Nordstrom. Morgan wore a blue suit designed by Pal Zaleri and was gifted a brief kiss from Hilton at the end of the ceremony. Hilton seems fairly amused by the farcical wedding during the video.

Morgan’s marital status

During the time the little stunt was recorded in 2010, Piers Morgan was actually engaged to Celia Walden. The two were married (for real) later that year and celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this year. They have one child together, Elise Morgan.

Morgan claims Walden was a good sport about the joke wedding and was “a little bit bemused” about the whole ceremony. He also says she and later joked “How can I ever compete with Paris Hilton?”

Hilton’s marital status

Paris Hilton currently isn’t married. At 39 years old she is dating Carter Reum, also aged 39 years old, who is an author and entrepreneur. He co-owns VEEV Spirits, which is currently listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America. After nine months together Hilton recently said of Reum “I feel like this is meant to be”.

Two years ago Paris Hilton almost officially married actor and model Chris Zylka, but the engagement was called off and Hilton has called it “the best decision of her life”. The two had met in 2017 at an Oscars party.

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