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Paint by Numbers is one of the most relaxing hobbies to have. Here's why you should invest in a paint by numbers kit if you can.

What Is Paint by Number and How Can You Get Started?

Paint by number, as a technique has been around since 1950, however, its popularity has only recently started to rise. The painting technique, however, has seen an increase in popularity only in the last 20 years. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has further boosted its popularity, especially since it is used as a tool to manage anxiety and stress.

The concept behind paint by number is relatively simple. An individual may purchase canvases that have present designs printed on them. The design can be anything from landscapes and portraits to mandalas and mosaics. There are even kits that come with canvases that reproduce famous paintings from artists from around the world.

Each canvas design is divided into several areas, each of which has a number printed on it. These canvases are often part of kits that also include number-coded paints. The task of the painter is to match the paint numbers to the ones on the canvas, colouring the design. While the numbers start from 1 and go up, they do not indicate the order in which the areas must be painted, only the colours that should be used.

Everything in One Box

One of the main advantages that paint by numbers kits have over other similar products is the fact that everything that you need to complete the painting is included in the box. Most kits contain paints of different colours, the brushes that you need to create the painting, and the canvas that has the design printed on it.

This makes the kits an all-in-one product that is great for individuals who want to learn how to paint or who do not know what brushes and paints they should get.

A Hobby That Has Great Benefits

Paint by number, as a hobby, has been scientifically proven to have several benefits when it comes to the cognitive development and emotional stability of individuals. These are especially important for children whose minds are still developing.

By painting by number, individuals develop their spatial awareness and abstract thinking because they learn how highly complex scenes can be divided into small, basic shapes. This also helps people learn the basics of drawing and painting.

The activity itself is also very relaxing and can help individuals better manage their anxiety. It gives them something to focus on other than the stress.

You Can Create Custom Kits

While there are thousands of designs already available on the market, some manufacturers and websites allow individuals to create custom kits in which they can use their own designs. Once an image has been picked, the website will automatically determine what colours are needed for the painting, along with the required brushes.

This creates an infinite variety of designs that people have access to and also makes it possible to create meaningful kits for friends and family.

Great Fun for the Whole Family

Paint by number kits come in all shapes and sizes. Some products are small and simple, perfect for children, while others are complex and require a lot of skill. However, websites such as also offer products that fall in the family category.

These are larger than regular sets and allow the whole family to participate. Please keep in mind that you may need a few extra brushes, depending on how many family members are painting at a given time.

All kits, regardless of manufacturer, have a form of rating that informs the buyer of their difficulty. Kits for children are the simplest and have a small-to-medium canvas, a small number of paints (usually non-toxic), and a single brush.

More complex ones can have large canvases, over 20 colours of paint, and two or more brushes. Premium kits also include frames or come with pre-framed canvases, making it easy to display the finished painting.

How to Get Started with Paint by Number Projects?

If you have never attempted a paint by number project before, keep in mind that the kit is designed specifically to make completing the painting as easy as possible. All painting kits include all the tools, paint and supplies that you will need to paint the design.

There are thousands of beautiful designs to choose from and all kits have a rating that will inform you of their difficulty. While there are a few other, quality-of-life, supplies that you can get, these are not required. However, if you should make sure that you have an apron or a set of clothes that you don’t mind dirtying up, as well as a cup of water to rinse the brushes and a roll of paper towels to wipe excess paint.

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