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TikTok has certainly birthed a whole new wave of social media stars. Why are former TikTok couple Paeka and Gero fighting online?

Paeka vs. Gero: Why is this TikTok couple airing their dirty laundry?

TikTok has certainly birthed a whole new wave of social media stars, and has the social media world obsessed with following the lives of tons of internet-famous couples from Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio and more. This means that while we may love these couple’s cute dancing videos or skit TikToks, it also means we’re just as much invested when there’s some juicy drama going on.

This brings us to the latest tea on Gero & Paeka, another famous TikTok couple that decided to air out their relationship drama online and tackle cheating allegations that have been going around since their break-up. Want to know all the latest details on what’s been going on between the two? Are you sure you’re ready for it? Alright, let’s take a look at all the shocking things going on between the two. 

Paeka & Gero

For a while, Paeka & Gero had been one of TikTok’s favorite adorable couples. The two did tons of cute skits and dances together that made everyone “ooo” & “awww” up until March, when the two publicly announced their split from one another. However, the two never did end up revealing the exact reason as to why they called it quits. 

To their fans, the news of their break-up was a huge deal for them, since Paeka & Gero had such a highly publicized relationship that the two even shared a YouTube channel as well as an Instagram profile with each other. Yeah. They truly were the internet’s it couple. They were adored by their fans for posting mainly prank videos, and days before Paeka announced the split, their fans had already speculated something was up. 

Paeka then confirmed by posting: “Hey guys, wanted to come on here because I know a lot of you have been worried and curious about where and how I have been. It’s been very overwhelming to be in a position where I have to explain myself and my relationship because life is very hard already privately and tbh, I was just not ready yet to have all the pain out there for the whole world to watch and form their opinion”.

The drama

For a while, longtime fans of the duo had no idea if their break-up was a peaceful one or not. However, this all changed when Paeka was caught liking a comment on one of her videos that suggested women get criticized for moving on after a relationship while guys who’ve cheated aren’t ever told anything. This of course sparked some gossip around TikTok. 

Then, Gero posted his own video on Instagram with a caption that said: “I never wanted drama or things to come to this, but i have to clear my name”. In the video, he said: “I have been quiet about the whole situation because me and Paeka agreed to keep things private, but she has been bashing my name for weeks now, but I have to speak up and defend myself”. 

“First of all, I want to say that I am not here to speak badly about Paeka’s name or speak badly about her in general. I am just here to clear my name”. He then went on with: “The only time I would consider myself being faithful was back in 2017 when I met up with a middle school friend without her knowing”. 

“This was never physical or never sexual. Me and that other person never kissed or anything”. Gero finished hinting that it was actually Paeka who cheated. However, Paeka then responded with her own video, saying: “I have not been bashing you for weeks. I have literally told my truth about you being unfaithful”.

She went on to clarify that she was only in Houston to work, saying that “I went to Houston to work on my first song with another artist and now he is using this against me because it’s the only thing he can cling on to”.

However, she ended up clarifying much more in a YouTube video that was almost an hour long. A lot of tea was spilled, but we’ll let you watch it for yourself in the link above. 

What are fans saying? 

After the release of that video, most of the internet jumped quickly to Paeka’s side and defended her. Since then, tons of memes have also emerged from the stories that Paeka told in her YouTube video. We’ll let you take a look at some of them if you want a good laugh after hearing about all that relationship drama. 



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