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The COVID-19 tally keeps surging yet people are assuming this outbreak is all a hoax. Here's what we know about the coronavirus outbreak.

Why do Americans believe the coronavirus outbreak is a hoax?

On one hand, the COVID-19 tally keeps surging & on the other hand, we’re confronted with coronavirus deniers. These are truly wild times that we’re living in. 

It should come as little to no surprise that in the age of misinformation, people have found a reason to believe that the coronavirus tale is exactly that – a tale. Why does the world’s supposedly most developed nation find it so hard to believe that we’re living through a pandemic? The answer lies in a conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds on the internet. 

The problem with the spread of misinformation & lies is so bad that even a US Senate member shared fake news pertaining to the virus. The distribution media for the lies & conspiracy theories were the same old social media, namely Twitter & Facebook, in addition to websites that are specifically dedicated to notorious conspiracies.  

With time, conspiracy theories have become convincing – enough to dupe the naive – just not enough to pass through the fake news detector from the likes of The Poynter Institute. Politifact, the fact-checking segment of the Poynter Institute revealed that claims were being circulated that alleged the development of a vaccine corresponding to the spread of the virus.

In no time, anti-vaxxers took offence – their platform of choice for showing their disgust being Facebook – and incriminated that the virus is just a ploy to vaccinate more people. 

Then, there are people who believe that the whole situation is a trap or a hoax & are openly defying preventive measures like mask wearing. Case in point is a man from Texas who died of coronavirus because he thought it was a hoax & attended a COVID-19 party hosted by an infected person.

It’s mind-boggling that there exists the concept of a “COVID-19 party”, but like we pointed out before – these are strange times. These questions are bugging us just as much as they’re bugging fact-checkers, journalists, and researchers. So, the folks at Pew Research Center studied the phenomenon closely. 

Here’s what they found. The majority of Americans have come across this conspiracy theory (can you blame them? The circulation is robust!) that insinuates that the rich & powerful have planted & planned the pandemic. What’s astonishing is that a fourth of the American population sees some grain of truth in this. 

According to a Pew Research Center survey, around 5% deem the theory to be absolutely true, while 20% believe it could be true. To know why they think the way they do, the center dug deeper into their demographics & partisanship. 

A look at what they found & it’s clear that education is important. Those with educational levels lower than or equal to a high school diploma didn’t question the veracity of the theory and/or the claims it makes. These figures drop progressively as education levels shoot up. Clearly, apart from sinking us in debt, our degrees are also useful to us in keeping us alert to falsehoods. 

As for the partisanship, affiliation to political parties has also factored in as a major determinant. The exposure to the conspiracy theories is not determined by political choices, but whether or not you believe in them seems to have a correlation with your political beliefs. 

Conservative Republicans are more likely to believe that the theories are probably or definitely true. As against this, only 18% of Democrats & Democratic leaners opine that this whole outbreak is a ploy by the powerful.

At the time of writing, the total number of coronavirus infected cases stand at 20,151,597 & deaths at 736,150. These numbers are certainly not the result of the shenanigans of a powerful person. Choose your beliefs wisely.

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  • Okay.
    COVID-19 exists and is not a hoax.
    But what is also undeniable is that the media coverage of its effects have been, and continues to be unprecedented.
    Every few minutes we are assailed with the latest non-peer reviewed study, prediction, model or anecdote about how contagious or debilitating the disease has been or might eventually be.
    The same can be said of the over reactions of our policy makers and politicians.
    There have been similar outbreaks every few years and at no point was the possibility of pressing the “pause“ button on the global economy mentioned or even considered as an option.
    So there is plenty of reason to suggest that while the virus is real, the so-called “pandemic“ exists primarily in the minds of those who prey on people’s fear and who seek to create a disaster which they can use to their advantage.
    Is this a conspiracy or just like minded people acting in their own self interests?
    It depends on what you want to believe.
    Oh, and the notion that an exorbitantly-priced degree can make a person immune to gullibility Is refuted as easily as making a list of scientific theories generated by highly educated people which are now known to be quackery.

    August 14, 2020
    • I must disagree on several points.
      1) you claim there are similar outbreaks to this every few years. There are not. Never in my career as an ED doctor have I seen an influx unwell people with the same disease like this. We get an increase of flu, bronchitis and other viral diseases every winter, a consistent and seasonal event, and it is not like this. I realise this is just my own anecdotal evidence but you only need to look at the numbers from whichever reliable source from which ever country you live in and make comparisons with previous years to see an increase in excess deaths. So in view of this, no there are not outbreaks like this very often at all.
      2) the pandemic is real and you should have a healthy amount of fear of COVID. My youngest patient to die from it was 18 and healthy. This is rare, but tragic. Now as you get older your chances of getting very ill/dying increase substantially, if you have elderly relatives (not even elderly really just 50+) or you are older than you should fear it. I don’t mean live your life in panic, but cooperating with social distancing and at least acknowledging this is a pandemic by definition affecting every nation in the world causing hundreds of thousands of deaths would be prudent.
      3) while plenty of very clever scientists have proposed theories which have been disproved this does not equate to being stupid or quackery. Good scientific method and critical thinking works by appraising available evidence the correct manner and forming an opinion based on that. If better evidence comes along which disproves the current theory, then a new theory based on that should be formed. That is good scientific method. People of low intelligence and conspiracy theorists lack the ability to appraise such evidence, which is why people of poorer education are more likely to beleive a conspiracy as they cannot appraise evidence well.

      September 21, 2020
      • There’s just too much that is off about the media and the numbers. Most of the people who die not ones “intected” had some other disease or health issue. This happened to my girlfriend’s grandmother she had many med issues but they blamed Covid. Well to not ??? what is being put in front of you makes us exist in Plato’s Cave theory, now doesn’t it. Well I am at the point where I hope that all the people that are not ?? All the sketchy stuff and calling us conspiracy theorist be the first to enter Fema camps or whatever is coming our way, have a nice day

        November 26, 2020
  • How does history factor into your assessment, e.g. MKultra, the CIA, Fort Detrick, Sidney Gottlieb, Bill Patrick III etc?

    August 22, 2020
    • dude you’re an ED doctor. You look at limp dicks all day. How does that possibly lend you any authority on covid?

      October 23, 2020
      • LOL – ummmmmm…..pretty sure that ED stands for “Emergency Department”. Clearly, your mind went to Erectile Disfunction. To be fair, perhaps your exposure to medical terminology is limited to what has personal impact on you, so you may not be familiar with the widely-used acronym of ED for Emergency Department.

        February 6, 2021
  • This Covid-19 disease is real. The manufactured news stories are a hoax- “the new normal” it certainly goes hand in hand with this manufactured virus so that big pharma can sell their manufactured vaccines. If not enough people are willing, they will begin their mandatory vaccine laws. Its already happening folks- just open your eyes. #australia #ireland

    August 26, 2020
    • When, you wear a mask, you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide. I wore the mask, a few times, only because I had to. With in minutes, I felt like I was going to pass out. Everything is Corona. I have a mold allergy & it’s getting worse, suffering for months, because no one will admit it’s mold. This is a health care violation & once found out the apt property manager & maintenance are in big trouble!!

      November 2, 2020
      • So how are the nurses and doctors wearing their masks all day long and suffer no side effects like your false claim does?

        November 18, 2020
      • I have mold grass tree dust and multiple allergies . Treatment has included prior years of allergy shots, meds, environmental changes in he home etc.. Covid precautions, wearing a mask, social distancing is great for my allergies. I no longer take Singulair, fluticasone, loratadine, and I am much better. I can’t wear the disposable surgical masks because they make me itch. Unless you are a healthcare worker wearing a test fit N95 mask for12 hours straight you are not rebreathing CO2 and retaining in your system. In fact evidence based studies show it is rare in health care workers. Is it possible you are anxious and hyperventilating?

        November 19, 2020
  • perhaps education levels also correspond to a willingness to listen and obey authority, and not actually, as this article seems to suggest, a better understanding of critical thought.

    educational elitism and academic superiority go hand in hand with liberal supremist belief systems, and when “fact checkers” themselves are biased, they cannot be trusted.

    perhaps more people feel it wise to trust their actual environments rather than biased news sources and proven skewed data (in all directions).

    is covid-19 real?! i don’t believe most would argue it is not real… yet how serious it is and whether it actually warrents the dramatic measures some believe it must, is what is up for debate. i for one feel that is purely political, and to be honest, the # of deaths, while no doubt tragic on the individual level, is but a grain of sand in terms of the population as a whole. if anything, the word pandemic now to me means less than it did prior to covid-19, as before, it ilicited fear in me, and the images it conjured up were thqt of every other person falling gravely ill and dying. that simply hasn’t been the case, and how to even count those whose lives it apparently took is up for serious interpretation, as each country measured this differently. one simply cannot trust “experts” without questioning their bias and personal agendas.

    September 27, 2020
  • CDC mortality rates for Seasonal Flu 4X this Covid. But never before were we surfs required to wear a mask/ face covering/ bandana/ cloth. The mask is submission. THEY COMMAND you to cover your mouth. What comes out of it is evil / filthy / diseased / etc. Get A Damn Clue.

    October 6, 2020
    • lee, explain how wearing a mask is submission-

      January 2, 2021
  • world mortality rate for corona virus……0.00006%. Say no more

    October 6, 2020
    • True. The case fatality rate is 1%. Meaning if we open up 100% , 1% of the population will die. With 330M US citizens that is 3.3M people will die. So Im not saying we shut everything down as the economy is extremely important but we should do reasonable things to reduce the spread.

      October 9, 2020
    • and if you avoid it then it will continue to rise, viruses evolve to become more deadly, plus the more people die the weaker the economy witch leads to more deaths. its like a boulder rolling down a snowy mountain it wont couse much harm now, but if not stopped it will couse an avalanche

      October 29, 2020
  • COVIDidiots can wear masks, gloves and social distance however DO NOT force me to do it!!! PERIOD!
    If masks protect you, you do not have to worry about getting infected from me!
    If they do not work, then it does not matter whether we wear it or not.
    If you wear yours to protect me… well just give me your paycheck every week. I will appreciate it much more than you looking like an idiot.

    October 7, 2020
    • WHO, CDC, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and other credible sources recommend wearing masks to reduce the spread because its really not too much to ask. The sources that say masks don’t do anything are never heard before bloggers masquerading as news sources and they ONLY question the studies. They do not do studies. There are many things that “forces” citizens to do things. Like 25 mph speed limits in residential streets, not driving drunk, not selling contaminated food, not allowing people to defecate in the street, not letting corporations have a monopoly etc Yes it does impede our freedom but they are for good reasons. Look I’m a Conservative but the benefits of mask-wearing outweigh the cost of wearing it in indoor public spaces. I do agree the media has amplified the problem. Its not a huge problem but a significant one.

      October 9, 2020
    • The world is getting/already overpopulated. If there is a need to ‘eliminate’ people, I am grateful that you have personally volunteered yourself and those near to you, to take one for the team. However, we have not gotten to that point yet, so please stay home, and do not go out infecting those who are trying to protect themselves and their loved ones who opt to be responsible and wear a mask. I care very little about your discomfort, when it comes to the health my those I love.

      October 12, 2020
    • Excellent, I couldn’t agree more..

      October 28, 2020
    • Ignorance. Pure ignorance. The problem is healthcare workers like me get stuck taking care of people like you. Do me a favor. Stay away from healthcare. In your ignorance take care of yourself.

      November 19, 2020
  • Years go by and instead of getting smarter people fill their heads with random “facebook” conspiracy theories.
    To all the peeps that don’t believe in COVID, why don’t y’all visit a hospital filled with infected people? Make sure to leave your masks home, don’t worry, nothing’s gonna happen, right?
    People who believe that this whole thing is fake are just trying to show that they’re different, you know, animals usually show different dances or their body features when they want to attract others, peeps are trying to do the same but the “you are all dumb COVID doesn’t exist” isn’t going to make you look better, it just makes y’all look like idiots in front of those who can use their brain properly.

    1. Public places -> It’s a public place, it’s your choice to wear a mask or not, but don’t try to force others to do the same, nobody’s telling you what to wear, where to go, who to vote, how to behave so don’t force your opinions on others.
    Private places (ex. stores, gyms, etc ) -> If the place requires you to wear a mask, do it, you’re on someones private property and you have to respect that. How would you react if someone came into your house with, let’s say an animal that you don’t like, or what if they come in naked? What if they start destroying your home? Well, the person doing those things might be like you, you don’t want to wear a mask because you don’t believe in COVID and that person might destroy your house because they think that you don’t deserve it. Or if a party has a specific dress-code, you won’t go in there dressed completely random, won’t you?

    2. Want me to tell you why the mortality of COVID isn’t as bad as the mortality of other viruses? The pandemic’s here for ~8months, places closed, a lot of people stay home, schools closed, a lot of people respect ( social distancing ) etc, that’s why people didn’t get infected, you’re not protecting yourself every single day from the flu, right? But people are protecting themselves from COVID. Before talking about the mortality rate try to analyze things, 1st of all you’re not a scientist and you don’t have actual proof, if you’re a fast-food worker that doesn’t even understand how science works don’t make random assumptions. Scientists work hard to obtain their license and to study and analyze things, nobody tells you that you’re selling air instead of burgers so don’t tell those scientists that their research is fake.

    3. If you believe in a god, why do you believe in it? There’s no proof, nothing to show that it exists. The concept of “god” is a political thing created by humans to manipulate others and make them obey the law, king, etc, so why do you believe in god?? There’s plenty of proof that COVID exists, actual proof that you can go and check out with your own eyes but there’s 0 proof that god exists.

    October 10, 2020
  • Covid is a huge hoax invented by a former employee of Ross Perot who also happened to be an old college buddy of none other than Walter Mondale.

    October 11, 2020
    • Barker, and my friends who got sick and the ones who died areold college buddies, young neighbors, co workers who are a hoax.

      November 19, 2020
  • I have a degree. I have many coworkers who also have college degrees and have similar beliefs as myself. We are of this era and are well aware of the media misconstruing information. I’m not sure why the need to induce panic. But I recognize that for what it is.

    October 21, 2020
  • Why would dying “with covid” vs, dying “from covid” counted equally? I think the number of cases generated are biased, thus not accurate. Hence a biased scientific observation and not a pandemic. I am worried of catching this virus as I would not want to catch the flu or any other virus. However past that point, the remaining rhetoric sounds more of a hoax to me.

    October 26, 2020
  • I don’t believe corona virus is a hoax and i dont believe that its a bioweapon either but what i do believe is the fact the world is over populated and governments have been known to create things for population control. And thats a fact and it seems to be about every 10 years something new comes out and kills a lot of people. Lets start when i grew up in the 90’s the 2 big killers back then was polio and hiv/ aids then in the early 2000s … around 2010 it was anthrax due to post 911 terrorism acts. Or the act of terrorism created by george w bush. But believe whatever you want to believe but the truth is out there and i do believe 100% china was planning for covid to be used as a tool to control over populated areas .. they even went on national television and said that they didnt mean for it to become an outbreak now really sit there and think about that statement. And that is the truth and everything else created after is a hoax. They already new about it in the US last year around this time. Trump canceled his flight to china in october and november and around december and january of 2019 the CDC was already posting articles of an outbreak 2 -3 months before the whole “Pandemic” even started .

    October 27, 2020
  • Although the virus is real it’s nowhere near as life threatening as they make it out to be. 600,000 people in the US die from cancer annually and another 600,000 die from heart disease. That’s a total of 1.2 million people yet that’s not declared an emergency! Why is that? It’s because they can’t trick people into thinking heart disease and cancer are going to creep into their bodies like a virus. The drug companies plan on making trillions from the vaccines for this barely lethal virus. Hospitals are being paid for each positive covid test, every death that’s declared a covid death and for every person sentenced to death on a ventilator. Billions have been paid out to each state so they can play along with this farce. This thing is all about money and the reactions or lack thereof to the 1.2 million people who die from cancer and heart disease are proof of that. The masks were a test to see how stupid and gullible people are and of course 99% of all people are just that. I do not comply. I had 15 years of hazmat training in a full body suit and gas mask, in the military so I know everything Fauci and the CDC recommends stems from their own investments in vaccines. They have conflicts of interest and they are not to be trusted. I will fight against this nonsense until everyone accepts the truth, that this is a huge scam for unprecedented amounts of money.

    October 27, 2020
  • First off, let me just say, I admire and respect everyone’s opinion and knowledge, I mean, it truly gives me relief to read these honest point of views. I have been asking others whether they believe this whole thing is a hoax, and what exactly were their thoughts, and I got about the same answers that I’ve read on here. A few people on here explained that people with less education and knowledge are going to be the ones to believe it’s a hoax. The thing is, I DON’T feel it takes ANY education to necessarily interpret that the virus is real. What has been making people hysterical is the media(which is honestly, enemy #1), sick and tired of the media, WHY are reporters and news stations allowed to run free and report half ass written articles, with hardly any evidence?! What people honestly don’t realize is that, educated or not, this country is separated, because of the virus, media, elections, “blm”, and other controversies. We are back to square one yall, back to the 60s, MLK, prejudice. This virus has ghosted the real problem, but REAL sensible people like me won’t allow the wool to be pulled over my eyes, I am educated, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see thru this fog of weak country.

    November 1, 2020
  • I’ve been in the hospital twice this year and they did not have very many covid patients. I think its kind of weird when I asked them where they were, the nurse said they were at the other hospital and later that day, the hospital i was at, transfered me to the other hospital and I was scared.. When I got there, I asked them to keep me away from all the covid patients, and they told me we don’t have any here, they thought they were at the hospital I just came from. I’m just saying what happened to me and I am not saying its a hoax. Just don’t know for sure.

    November 10, 2020
  • Regarding the man who died in Texas after attending a covid party: Did anyone else who attended the party die from a viral infection? Did any one else at the Texas covid party come down with the flu?

    November 21, 2020
  • Why aren’t masks worn by medical persons for covid protection not treated as medical waste and burned as a bio hazard? I know for a fact that no hospital or doctor’s office treats them as a biohazard. Why?

    I wear an N95 mask when I mix cement, thinset, and plaster. One day two of my helpers decided that the surgical paper mask and a cloth mask respectively would be sufficient protection while I was poring thinset powder out of the bag to be mixed for use. The were three feet away from me. Each had a coughing fit immediately after the dust migrated their way. And when they removed their masks their nostrils and face looked like someone hit them in the face with flour. Their masks were the ones recommended by the CDC/ government as face coverings. They didn’t work for low concentrations of cement dusts…Why are the going to work for aerosolized virally loaded mists.

    The mask is little more than a morale shield. For some it make them feel like they are doing something and little else.

    November 21, 2020
  • To WIlliam T Fox : I don’t know too much about cement but I do know that most infections I’ve read stems from the virus being in droplet form which those surgical masks can stop with about 85-90% efficacy. If you stop the droplets and it sticks onto the mask, then the mask did it’s job of preventing you from catching the virus. If somehow the force of the droplet was stronger and goes through the 1st layer of the mask, then hopefully the 2nd and 3rd layer would have slowed down and stopped it from entering your nose when you inhale. I don’t think cloth masks are good at all unless you have inserts/multiple layers, the layers of protection varies. So about your helpers – Small dust-like materials can easily go through cloth due to the size of the pores. Albeit the surgical masks will do a little better job but I do know the sides have space and NOT as tight as an N95 mask.

    November 25, 2020
  • Well over 40 attorneys worldwide have filed freedom of information acts to countries, state departments, and health departments and covid testing labs for proof of Sars cov 2. Including the hardest hit countries like Canada, USA and Australia They all replied to the FOI’s that they cannot provide any documented proof of COVID-19 virus because they dont have anything isolates. The head attorneys name is Christina Massey. Research it yourselves. I don’t know anything about elites pushing viruses and all that mumbo jumbo. I do however want proof before I believe something, that does not make me a conspiracy theorist.

    December 22, 2020
  • VA hospital for 2 hrs. No one in Xray, No one in Lab, No one at prescription window. All workers talking about what they did over the weekend. No one doing their job. Where are all the sick people? Watched outside another hospital to see if any one going to ER, no one showed up for 3 hrs. Where are all the sick people?

    December 31, 2020
  • from Nikita Kruschev; we do not have to destroy America with missles,
    America will destroy itself from within–Kruschev 1961
    (I’m sure he is laughing his ass off at us now from the grave) we are the joke of the world !!!!!!!!!

    January 2, 2021
  • kruschev 1961-America will destroy itself from within

    January 2, 2021

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