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We searched through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the recent shift for the 'OnlyFans' website. See our latest details!

Why was the OnlyFans website moving away from adult content?

The company behind the OnlyFans website officially announced on Tuesday a “safe for work” app for Apple & Google devices and users are . . . confused to say the least. The company behind OnlyFans has launched the new app “OFTV” as part of their initiative to distance themselves from its image as a porn platform. 

This comes as a shock to many users of the OnlyFans website, especially since the company decided to use former adult actress Mia Khalifa to promote the new app by doing a series of free interview videos. The app also features Bella Thorne who has her own history of controversy with the OnlyFans website. 

Naturally, Twitter users are lamenting this shift to PG content for the OnlyFans website as well as what it may mean for the adult content workers who use the platform. We searched through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to this shift for the OnlyFans website. Delete your search history as we dive into this new development for OnlyFans. 

Why the shift? 

OnlyFans, which has more than 150 million users worldwide, is mostly known as a hub for adult content. Many users use the site to sell nude photos and videos to others, hence why OnlyFans has been barred from releasing apps with Apple and Google due to their no porn policy. 

However, OFTV has been available on the App store for Apple devices since last August, though OnlyFans has only begun publicly promoting it this week, showcasing its featured shows that include a podcast called “Coffee and Cleavage” and a variety of cooking shows featuring women in low-cut tops.

This has led to many wondering if the move was made in order to lure back venture capital investors who don’t want to promote vice industries while also trying to avoid losing the vast audience they currently have. It is certainly an odd business move, especially when you consider who they hired to promote it. 

Good girls go bad 

Mia Khalifa recently sparked controversy after she released a video wearing a hijab in several porn videos back in the mid-2010s. She left the industry shortly after, but her stardom on OnlyFans cannot be ignored, especially now that she is one of the featured names on the new site. 

Bella Thorne’s involvement is even more interesting, as she recently got into an argument with a few lesser known OnlyFans producers last August. Thorne had opened an account and raked up a record $2 million in a single day, causing some to accuse Thorne of selling nude photos of herself and then not delivering. 

Ms. Thorne was always transparent about the fact that she had no intention of appearing nude on the platform. Any claims to the contrary or alleged attempt to sell photos were made without her knowledge or authorization.

“You scammed people, which in return made us look like scammers and not the hard-working people we are,” an adult content worker wrote at the time according to the New York Post. This move away from adult content has not only those same workers worried, but users of the site as well, leading to some . . . heated debates on social media. 

Twitter hopes they’re joking

Many Twitter users are lamenting this announcement, with some hoping this is some sort of joke while others question the logic in the move for OnlyFans. Reactions to this news include: 

If it didn’t work out for Tumblr, it’s probably not going to work for you . . . . 

That didn’t work either, we’re starting to sense a pattern here . . . . 

If only. 

Looks like no one is getting that diagonal . . . . 

 Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on this move for the OnlyFans website? Drop them below in the comments!

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