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Missing Comic Con 2020? Here are the best online conventions to get excited about while stuck inside this Summer.

Missing Comic Con 2020? Geek out at these online conventions instead

There are many different comic conventions, however, there is only one Comic Con. The San Diego convention takes place every Summer and hosts the biggest comic and pop culture event there is. However, Comic Con 2020 has been cancelled due to the current health climate.

San Diego Comic Con has been around since 1970, so fans of the event (and vendors) are really missing their summer nerdfest. However, just because Comic Con 2020 (and every other convention in existence) has been cancelled, doesn’t mean the convention season is dead. In lieu of your favorite venues teeming with sweaty bodies, conventions around the country have been opting for a virtual alternative.

In fact, even San Diego Comic Con 2020 is holding an online event – which provides the rare opportunity for absolutely anyone to attend, not just pass holders. Here are some of the online conventions you may want to consider attending.

Comic Con at Home

This is the event being held by the team who usually put together San Diego’s giant five-day convention. As of right now, there are very few details on what this event will look like. All we have at the moment is a teaser trailer boasting comfy chairs, a pet-friendly environment, and badges for all.

Odds are the event will occur some time in July since that’s usually when SDCC takes place. If you’re wanting to attend the most renowned comic convention from the comfort of your own home this year you’ll want to keep an eye on their twitter.

Stay at Home Con

This convention isn’t being thrown by a team used to putting on large in-person events, no, this convention is being thrown by creative fans who were disappointed in being unable to attend their favorite cons this year.

Stay at Home Con has already done one digital event this year (so hopefully any kinks have been worked out), but even better, they plan to continue this convention after the pandemic for anyone who enjoys it, and all the people who have trouble traveling or attending cons, to begin with.

Stay at Home Con will be taking place on June thirteenth and fourteenth, from 10am to 6pm CEST. Where you can attend on the platforms of Twitch and Discord. Twitch will be for panels and Discord will act as their show floor where you can talk to artists and vendors just like you usually would. They’re even holding a cosplay contest!

Summer Game Fest

All the gaming conventions have been cancelled too, so Summer Game Fest will be doing its very best to fill the void. They’re holding all kinds of gaming announcements from May all the way through August. They’ve already had some announcements including one from Xbox.

The plan is to have playable content and free game trials as well, so you can check out the latest games hands-on, just like you would at a convention like E3 or PAX.

WonderCon at Home

WonderCon is another giant convention usually held in southern California. In fact, it’s put together by the same people who do SDCC. This year, since they’ve been cancelled they’re uploading content over the span of weeks.

All the things they would have featured in Anaheim are being uploaded to the internet for your viewing pleasure. Check out panels, exclusive videos, featured guests, and more are all ready for perusal at your leisure.

You definitely don’t want to forget to check their website for more content every few days.

World Con

World Con is a unique sci-fi & fantasy convention which takes place in a different location around the world each year. This year the convention was intended to take place in New Zealand. However, now it will be held in the land of the internet.

This is the only convention which is still requiring payment to participate, so do keep this in mind. It’s hard to find details for CoNZealand, as they’ve named the convention this year, on the website – odds the logistics are sent to registered “pass holders’ via email.


So break out your Spider-Man socks and hop on the internet, because even a pandemic can’t stop us nerds from getting together and celebrating the stories we love.

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