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Will ‘Once Upon a One More Time’ be Britney Spears’s ‘Hamilton’?

Are you ready for a dash of musical magic served with a hefty side of Britney Spears’ pop anthems? Iconic pop princess, Britney Spears, is making headlines once again, and this time, it’s not just about her music—it’s about a Broadway show that promises to deliver laughs, wits, and plenty of nostalgia.

Just as we thought Britney’s repertoire couldn’t get more vibrant, she takes it a notch higher with the musical Once Upon a One More Time. Pouring her love and wishes to the cast and crew, Britney took to her Instagram ahead of the grand opening at the Marquis Theatre, painting a captivating picture of what to expect – a show that’s “so funny, smart, and brilliant.”

The entire venture is a delightful take on the world through the lens of Britney’s music, envisioned by Tony winners James L. Nederlander and Hunter Arnold, and brought to life by director-choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid (renowned for their work on Beyond Babel and Karate Kid).

All her hits

If you’ve ever dreamt of experiencing a Cinderella or Snow White story laced with tracks like “Oops I Did It Again,” “Lucky,” “Circus,” and “Toxic,” then this is your golden ticket! Fairy-tale characters we’ve all grown to love will be jiving to Britney’s hits, their lives spun around by a rogue fairy godmother with a copy of The Feminine Mystique.

In the light of the pandemic, the musical’s journey to the stage was anything but smooth. After a series of delays and challenges, Once Upon a One More Time finally had its grand debut at Washington, D.C.’s Shakespeare Theatre Company in December 2021, prior to the end of Britney’s controversial conservatorship.

Sitting down with The Hollywood Reporter, the creative team behind the production couldn’t help but share their excitement over the show’s journey to Broadway and express their deep gratitude to the cast, crew, and of course, the pop icon herself. 

The lyrics

Co-director and choreographer Keone articulated how they strive to embody everything Britney has stood for—joy, happiness, and kindness—and celebrate her legacy through the production.

The leading members, including director-choreographer Mari Madrid and producer Arnold, express their collective elation in knowing Britney supports the show post conservatorship. It’s as if they could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their love-filled tribute has the blessing of the woman who has inspired it.

“The last handful of years has been so crazy for humanity, so to be able to be in a room with people in person and feel joy is just so refreshing,” Mari Madrid shared, capturing the essence of what this musical hopes to bring to the audience in these trying times.

The homage

The musical journey, with its many ups and downs, from Chicago to D.C. and now Broadway, has left everyone involved in the project with a profound sense of appreciation. The anticipation, according to Jon Hartmere, felt like waiting for Christmas morning—but a Christmas morning that has led them to this special moment on Broadway.

With Britney’s blessings, the cast and crew are now all set to capture hearts, spreading the magic of her music in a brand-new form. And now we are left wondering—will this Broadway spectacle be the beginning of a new trend of pop music-inspired musicals?


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