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Do Britney’s Spears’s sons actually *hate* her – or is it fake news?

Ever wondered how the life of pop princess Britney Spears’ kids unfolds in the city of stars, Los Angeles? In a recent twist, her sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, are reportedly craving for a change in scenery. And it’s not another bustling city, but the serene and picturesque islands of Hawaii that’s capturing their hearts. 

It appears that the boys are ready to swap the city lights for sunset beaches and the LA hustle for the Aloha vibes. Let’s take a look at all of the details freshly popping up on social media.

New freedom

Kevin Federline, Britney’s former beau, has taken it upon himself to make this happen. He had his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, get in touch with Britney’s legal counsel, Mathew Rosengart, to discuss a potential move. The boys are keen on living with their father and stepmother, Victoria Prince, and have shown a clear desire for a quieter life.

The legal intricacies of this proposed relocation will play out based on Britney’s response, which is anticipated by the end of the week. If she disapproves, Kaplan could take the matter to court. However, given that Britney hasn’t seen her sons in over a year and their evident wish to make a move, it’s plausible that the court may favor Federline’s request.

Yet, it’s speculated that this relocation won’t be needing a courtroom. Britney is expected to grant the move, considering that Victoria has received a promising job offer from a university in Hawaii. Moreover, Kevin has some exciting DJ gigs lined up in the island state.

The boys themselves seem thrilled at the prospect of a new beginning. Their current plan points towards leaving Los Angeles sometime in July, starting their fresh journey under the Hawaiian sun.

Stilted Education

The relocation also seems practical from an educational standpoint. Jayden, aged sixteen, plans to continue his classes remotely, ensuring a seamless transition. However, the post-high-school plans for seventeen-year-old Sean Preston are yet to unfold.

Considering that Kevin and Victoria have primarily been their caregivers, this transition is unlikely to be a significant shakeup in their lives. Notably, the boys weren’t present at Britney’s wedding last year, which hints at the strained relationship between them and their mom.

The case

On November 12, 2021, a judge in Los Angeles approved the termination of the conservatorship that had been established by Britney Spears’ father in 2008. This decision marked the end of the court-ordered arrangement that had controlled many aspects of Spears’ personal and financial life for nearly 14 years. 

The termination came after years of public attention and scrutiny, during which Spears expressed her desire to end the conservatorship and addressed the court directly during a hearing on June 24, 2021. The termination of the conservatorship was a significant milestone in Spears’ legal battle to regain control over her affairs.

The future

So, it seems like the days are numbered for Britney Spears’ sons in the city of angels. Their desire for a quieter life away from the spotlight is steering them towards the tropical paradise of Hawaii. With the support of their parents and the exciting opportunities awaiting in the Aloha State, the boys can’t wait for their new journey.

But in the grand scheme of things, will this move mark a significant shift in their lives? Will the beautiful islands of Hawaii offer the tranquility they’re seeking? Only time will tell. What does this mean dor their actual relationship with their mother? We can only hope there is more for her autonomy in the future.


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