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Are these topless Britney Spears posts proof she’s trapped?

When will  people stop being so toxic about Briteny Spears? Growing under the spotlight has brought many issues to our beloved Britney just like to many other celebs. Since her conservatorship ended in 2021 many conspiracy theories have been raised regarding our girl. Aside from all the gossip, it makes sense for her fans to be preoccupied with her in order to protect her from another regime. 

Nonetheless, sometimes it looks like Spears can’t longer post a single picture enjoying herself because it will awaken controversy. Her Instagram photos have lately become a little nonsense in the last few months, and they’re usually coming with an incoherent caption. But, isn’t it a strategy or just Britney making fun of herself and the controversy she knows that will come no matter what she does? 

Our girl might be many things, but she’s definitely not stupid and the least she would want nor aloud is to fall back on a conservatorship again. Let’s take a critical look at her recent topless posts and analyze what’s hiding behind all those unconventional posts. Are there any good reasons to be concerned about Britney or are we just being prejudicial? Here’s all you need to know. 

Get into the sordid details of why Britney Spears is in the news claiming her father conspired to put her under his care for nefarious reasons!

The topless posts! 

These last few days, Britney Spears has shared several video posts on instagram where she’s topless. Obviously, the video is cropped so that it is not soon taken down by the platform, yet, it still scandalizes people the fact that she’s naked. Apparently, the videos were taken at a shower in Mexico since she’s currently on a vacation there at the beach.

Many of the videos that have scandalized fans portray Britney with a messy bun, an erratic face and smeared make up all over her eyes. In fact, this is not the first time she shows herself topless at a post like that,  she has also shown herself silly dancing. Considering her conservatorship, fans are showing to be concerned that someone else might be controlling her social media. 

However, let’s have in mind that there’s a line between having a particular social media strategy, and being kidnapped. Honestly, if she was kidnapped by someone the strategic thing to do would be to act normal, and perform a perfectly stable & safe life! Showing herself topless and with crazy looks is something perfectly planned, once again, our girl is not stupid! But why is she doing this? 

britney spears dad

All publicity is good publicity 

On one hand, we think that our girl is finally enjoying her freedom traveling, dancing and posting whatever she wants. Let’s have in mind that she spent more than a decade under a conservatorship where she had no access to decide anything about herself. Yet, in Film Daily we do think there might be a hidden reason behind all these performances, because that’s what they might be! 

No matter if you’re a small business or an iconic celebrity, all you want is for people to talk about you. Being known for a weird situation is way more capitalizable than not being known at all! Let’s have in mind that Britney has been exploited all her life, literally all her family members have somehow hung on to her fame & fortune by using her money and launching books.

In fact, Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears released her own book under the title Things I Should Have Said. Britney entered into a legal discussion where she forbade Jaimie to use her name while promoting the book. Anyway, if someone has the right to talk about her own history and make money out of it is herself! and maybe soon she will since rumor has it that Britney signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster! 

Maybe with the coming out of this book we’ll be more capable of understanding what’s going on with all those topless posts. Anyway, the important thing is that one more time, people are talking about Britney Spears.

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