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Is Britney on the pipe for real? Has Instagram officially lost the plot? Let’s take a look beyond Instagram and see what the facts say.

Toxic Why does Instagram think Britney Spears is on meth

What’s the real scoop on Britney Spears since her conservatorship ended? For all the Britney buffs who thought freedom would be the gateway to her fairytale ending, the storm isn’t over. There’s been a downpour of emotional, and sometimes bare, posts on social media that have got fans, and her fam, worried.

Let’s take a look beyond Instagram and see what the facts say.

The aftermath

The conservatorship that took over Britney’s life for 13 years ended in November 2021. And boy, has she been expressive! From sharing joyful spins to baring it all, her social media is ablaze with emotions. But some posts have got people wondering if she’s still struggling with her mental health.

Inside sources claim that her recent behavior is more alarming than Toxic. The Spears clan is worried that Britney has slipped back into drug use. Britney’s ex, Kevin Federline, says he’s scared for her and the kids. Now that’s an ex who cares!

Her kids, Preston (17) and Jayden (16), have reportedly distanced themselves. They’re concerned about mom’s health and claim to have witnessed some shady dealings at her house. 

And here’s the tear-jerker: Papa Spears, Jamie, dreads a fate for Britney akin to Amy Winehouse’s tragic end. Jamie, remember, was the one spearheading the conservatorship. Britney severed ties, calling him “abusive” and accused him of forcing her on birth control.

Slightly reconciling?

Amidst the chaos, there’s a glimmer of hope. Britney recently shared a heartwarming reunion with her mom, Lynne, who popped over after three years. Hello, Mother! Instagram was gushing!

But the family reunion vibes didn’t extend to everyone. No sign of the Spears clan at her wedding to Sam Asghari. And let’s not even start on her sister Jamie Lynn’s memoir, Things I Should’ve Said, which dropped bombshells about their relationship.

Back in the days, Britney’s struggle with substances was no secret. A judge had called her a “habitual, frequent and continuous” user in 2007. Kevin reveals some horrifying moments where Britney’s drug use could have endangered their kids.

Family sources said they had pinned hopes on staging an intervention, but the plan crumbled like a cookie. What went down? A whole lotta drama! Britney denied any such intervention plan. Was it a save-Britney operation gone wrong?

Think twice

Meanwhile, her sons Preston and Jayden are focusing on their future, with a resolve to keep their distance. But they’re hoping mom will get the help she needs. They’re not angry, just concerned. Her Instagram fans sure have plenty to say. 

Jamie compared Britney’s situation to Amy Winehouse, who tragically passed at 27. Though condemned for his role in Britney’s conservatorship, Jamie claims he was a protective dad. But fans of Baby One More Time remember the singer’s high-flying career. She hasn’t been steady since 2019, and her finances might not be as stellar as her hits.

The crossroads

So, where does that leave Britney? With the conservatorship chapter closed, and her personal life on the rocks, the pop princess stands at a crossroads. It’s all about decisions and picking the right path.

For a woman who has been through a lot, and gave us some of the most iconic pop anthems, here’s hoping she finds her footing. 


Do you think Britney’s Instagram leaves too much to the imagination? Let us know in the comments!

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