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Nicki Minaj’s reasoning for her absence at the Met Gala will have you saying “yikes!”. Say “yikes” with us as we dive into these reactions to her reasoning. 

Yikes: Is Nicki Minaj an anti-vaxxer?

Nicki Minaj’s reasoning for her absence at the Met Gala will have you saying “yikes!”. Nicki Minaj decided to forgo the biggest party of the year yesterday due to the Met Gala requiring all its guests to have gotten vaccinated, causing us to say yikes!  

Nicki Minaj did clarify that she was simply waiting to get vaccinated until she’s done more research while also encouraging others to get vaccinated if they’re comfortable . . . . but also brought up a cousin whose testicles had swollen as a result of the vaccine as well as the outdated research that claimed the vaccine resulted in impotence. In short, Nicki Minaj’s reasoning is a bit of a yikes. 

Naturally, Twitter was discussing Nicki Minaj’s reasoning and resulted that “yikes” was the proper reaction to it. We searched through the threads to find the best reactions to Nicki Minaj’s reasoning for not getting vaccinated. Get ready to say “yikes” as we dive into these reactions. 

Tour time? 

We love to see people getting vaccinated

Fixed it 

Kind of a potato patato situation going on here . . . . 

Good one! 

Glad some people are finding the humor in this! 


Both linger for a while and cause terrible health issues, so its not that far fetched . . . . 

Meme time 

Sometimes you need some memes in your life. 

Falling down 

Not again! 

No girls 

The Met Gala is a little lean on the ladies this year . . . . 

Nobody cares 

Considering the amount of threads, we beg to differ. 


AKA most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s yikes-inducing decision? Drop them below in the comments! 

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