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Nick Ayala: The Story of an Entrepreneur

Florida-born and based owner of Priority Life Insurance Group, Nick Ayala, sold his company to Integrity Marketing Group, the Texan health, and insurance distributor, in 2020. The acquisition came only three years after creating the insurance agency.

As the President of Priority Life, Ayala joined the team at Integrity as a managing partner in an insurance market poised to meet the demand for better health coverage and life insurance.

Nick Ayala’s story does not start at this point. Instead, his entrepreneurial journey has evolved over more than 15 years. During this time, Ayala has proven that business acumen and powerful leadership abilities are essential for anyone wanting to succeed in any industry.

In the Beginning …

Ayala doesn’t believe in hiding that his passions don’t stop at winning in business. These include his love of God, exotic cars, golf, family, and excellent wine and food.

Born in 1984 in Boca Ratan, the Florida city renowned for its golf courses, Ayala’s interest in the game started early. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance from Florida University, he joined the professional golfing circuit, playing in tournaments across the globe.

However, eventually business and finance won him over, bringing him back home to concentrate on unleashing his potential as an entrepreneur. Of course, progress in any industry takes time, and Nick, like most people endeavoring a move into the business world, faced some failures along the way. But, never giving up, he made determined moves to bypass difficulties and learn from these experiences.

Creating Innovative Businesses

Nick Ayala has become a constant figure at the top of the insurance and financial services industries thanks to his ability to see opportunities, innovative ideas, and leadership qualities. Entrepreneur 360 recognized these in 2017 when they featured Ayala as one of the top American entrepreneurs who has mastered the science of creating a growing business formula.

Priority Life is just one of Ayala’s growing enterprises. Before starting his insurance company, in 2017, he also created Align Capital Ventures, concentrating on futures and equity trading. Ayala also founded Point America 365, which helps businesses grow with its omnichannel marketing approach and remains dedicated to helping veterans of the U.S. military with career opportunities.

His expertise in insurance, wealth management, retirement planning, mortgages, and branding development allows this entrepreneur to branch out into several industries based on business and finance.

Ensuring Empowerment

All these businesses created by Nick Ayala have one principle in common, empowerment for those they serve and those who serve their clients.

At any given time, the employees of a company must understand its goals and work hard at achieving them. Ayala was determined to pass this on to his agents but knew they needed the tools to see immediate results.

“It certainly helps when your team consists of dedicated and motivated achievers who specialize in what they do,” he believes. Ayala adds, “However, empowerment also requires knowledge, allowing teams to communicate and build robust professional relationships efficiently.”

Moreover, creating a harmonious work environment also depends on its leader’s work ethic, and Ayala does not fall short in the example he sets. Instead, he works tirelessly and reaps the dividends.

Ayala guides veteran and new agents in the insurance industry across the U.S., helping them to reach their ultimate potential with his message. He does this in English and Spanish, allowing him to reach more people as he teaches them the principle of achieving promising results.

Endless Support

Adriana, Nick’s gorgeous wife, provides a loving presence and she has stood beside him in all his entrepreneurial endeavors. Together they serve in the Chairman’s Society of the Make a Wish Foundation and other charitable organizations that mean a lot to them.

Becoming a successful businessman has not changed Nick Ayala’s personality or beliefs. Instead, he strives to create a balance between work and home, ensuring that he can spend quality time with his children, friends and family, practice his faith, and make some time to enjoy his other hobbies.

Nick Ayala continues to show that entrepreneurs need to get out of their comfort zone if they intend to see results. As he goes about his day, he has demonstrated to his employees how discipline and consistency create excellence, allowing them to surpass what they thought about their abilities. 


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