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Legally Mine — Reviews Show Why It is a Top Lawsuit Protection Company

Legally Mine is among America’s largest and most comprehensive lawsuit protection companies. Their primary service is to provide specialized consulting, packages, and tools to help businesses and practices manage risk, particularly in the medical industry.

For an asset protection provider taking on thousands of clients regarding their wealth management, the company’s success with their team of legal and tax attorneys must provide a dynamic service to stay ahead of the ever-changing legal environment to guarantee their clients the highest level of satisfaction. Prospective clients must have immense trust, which only comes from the proper delivery of services and advice. 

Below are some prominent Legally Mine reviews that characterize the company’s ethics, efficiency, and overall trust factor so prospective clients in the medical field have a clear picture of who’s managing their personal and private assets.

Legally Mine Provides a Sense of Security For Medical Professionals

The medical industry is anything but free from frivolous lawsuits, mainly due to their title, and is not limited to only malpractice. While misdiagnosis, improper treatment plans, and random office accidents can occur, they should almost always be limited to malpractice insurance. They should not extend into the personal estate and investments of the professional responsible.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. For this reason, many medical practitioners and experts feel anxious, burdened, or limited in their abilities due to the constant threat of a civil lawsuit, even outside of the office and in their daily lives. 

A lauding review of Legally Mine from speaks on this notion. In it, the user explains their long-lasting position as an anesthesiologist, approaching 27,000 patient administrations as a staff CRNA for fifteen years, followed by freelance for another fifteen years. 

As a self-employed 1099 practitioner with their own LLC, the reviewer talks about how, following Legally Mine CEO Dan McNeff spoke at a state associations meeting; they became aware of the ease with which attorneys can pierce the “corporate curtain” causing forfeiture of homes, autos, and personal belongings in a malpractice suit. 

Realizing that their incorporation was not immune from threats, the reviewer teamed up with Legally Mine to place their house and belongings in trust and has had nothing but positive comments to make reflecting the involvement. “Legally Mine’s staff was always polite, professional, knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. I cannot thank Mr. McNeff and his staff enough for the service and the peace of mind.”

The user eventually endorsed Legally Mine for any other medical professional in a similar position to hers. “I happily give my highest… endorsement of Legally Mine and their services to any professional at risk of civil litigation.”

Legally Mine Simplifies the Asset Protection Process

Wealth management companies work at their best when they provide their clientele with transparency and ease of use. In another review from, a user was shocked at how simple Legally Mine made the asset protection process. “I really expected this to be a huge, complex quagmire of a legal problem, but it wasn’t.”

The review highlights how Legally Mine lays everything out in easy-to-understand terms and summarizes everything in an easy-to-read binder that fully explains every facet of the contract. The reviewer also details how Legally Mine covers the entire process from start to finish with a skilled professional. 

The reviewer admits they were initially skeptical, which is completely understandable for someone seeking this professional advice. Still, they explain that once they saw how committed they were to attention to detail with the setup process, Legally Mine created an immensely satisfied customer.

Another reviewer spoke on this process regarding asset protection. “I did… work with them in creating asset protection entities which I feel would protect me and my family if there were a claim situation. It was complicated and took time, but entities have been in place and running smoothly.”

Again, the user detailed some initial hesitancy, but the guidance they received and the company’s responsiveness was excellent. “When I have questions, they are answered promptly; when they require me to perform a task, they are clear about the situation and reasons and offer proper guidance when necessary. This company has treated me respectfully and has been worth the investment.”

Legally Mine Reviews Show Exactly How it Helps Their Clients

Many Legally Mine reviews share a similar notion that the asset protection process is time-consuming and requires extensive involvement from both sides. That’s simply the way of the business and truly can’t be avoided by any wealth management provider.

However, a handful of reviews explain that this is where Legally Mine shines the most — in their commitment to working through the tough times to provide sound services and advice. For example, one reviewer left a Google review explaining this lengthy process.

“Working with Legally Mine has been a process, but we got it done. Just like anything, it takes some give and take. They do much of the hard, time-consuming work, but you must do your homework and put a few things together.”

The reviewer describes their interaction as a team approach — like everything is together in a binder, ready for them to do the last bit of leg work. They explain the give-and-receive process of the relationship. “I send them information, and they send me information in return for review, and I send them new information.”

They finish the review by rehashing their satisfaction, knowing their family and business are protected and cared for. Then they left a very honest statement that may strike a chord with many others: “That is why I paid the fee; that is why we have a very good working professional relationship. They can’t do everything, but they sure did much of what I am not good at.”

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