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Feeling adventurous and wanna see some action without leaving home? Browse through these great movies on Netflix and watch them before they go away!

Stay on edge with these intense action movies on Netflix

If you really want to sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation of what’s about to happen next, these next few options might just be your best bet. Some of the hottest action movies on Netflix right now, and these action flicks have their own dedicated section on the streaming platform filled with countless options that go on for days. 

You can easily fill up an entire evening with back-to-back action movies that are equally thrilling & fascinating. The most riveting action movies on Netflix include dramatic dialogue, exciting fight sequences, hair-raising car chases, and stimulating CGI. Here are the most recent action movies on Netflix viewers should watch as soon as possible.

Wild Dog

Wild Dog is a 2021 movie about the simultaneous bombings that took place in Hyderabad, India back in 2007. The real-life tragedy has been turned into a very gripping movie directed by Ahishor Solomon. A counterterrorist task force agent does his best to investigate the back-to-back bombings that leave India in crisis mode. He tracks down the people behind the ruthless bombings in order to bring about justice.

The Last Days of American Crime

The Last Days of American Crime is an action movie on Netflix about three individuals who join together to devise a plan. They want to pull off the heist of the century and they collectively realize that it will take all three of them working together to make it happen. 

One woman and two men make up the diverse team of individuals who are in a crunch for time because there is a government broadcast signal that is about to wipe out crime permanently.


Jessica Chastain is the leading actress in Ava, a thrilling action movie on Netflix about a beautiful assassin who now must hide from her own organization. The organization that hired her to mercilessly take lives feels as though she’s gotten a bit too soft.

Ava has too many questions about the people she’s assigned to kill and so therefore, her agency thinks things would be easier with her wiped out. She must fight back in order to survive.

Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire is an action movie on Netflix about a drone pilot who gets sent directly into a war zone, sometime in the near future. The futuristic spin on this movie makes it so much more engaging but also quite alarming if we take into consideration that technology can one day reach these levels. 

The drone pilot gets paired up with a top-secret android officer and both men must embark on a journey to block a nuclear attack from happening.

The Sleepover

The Sleepover is an action movie on Netflix about two siblings named Clancy & Kevin. Their lives are average, mundane, and normal for the most part until things drastically change when they uncover a dark secret about their mother.

Clancy & Kevin discover that their mother is someone who once made her living as a high-end thief stealing from very wealthy & dangerous people. Their mom now lives her life as part of the witness protection program . . . but her identity has been leaked. 


Sentinelle is about a beautiful French soldier named Klara who dealt with an extremely traumatic experience during her time in Syria. After she goes through such a disturbing hardship, she gets transferred home right away. 

After a crazy night out, Klara’s sister’s near lifeless body is discovered beaten & raped outside of a nightclub. Klara uses the skills she’s been trained in to take down the man who hurt her sister.


Who doesn’t want to see more Chris Hemsworth? Ever since he dominated Marvel movies as Thor, it’s been great to see all of the content he’s been part of from shows to movies.

In Extraction, Hemsworth plays the role of a black market mercenary on a mission to rescue the kidnapped child of an international crime lord who has been arrested. He must go head to head against drug traffickers, weapons dealers, and other dangerous individuals to save the kidnapped child.

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