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The already controversial show 'Naked Attraction' aired an especially explicit episode on Channel 4 recently, and folks are upset. Read about it here.

Why do Channel 4 viewers want ‘Naked Attraction’ to be cancelled?

It seems like anything can go on television these days. From steamy reality TV shows to R-rated films, we probably wouldn’t even bat an eye at things that were considered as explicit in the media decades ago. However, it seems that the content that has been playing on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction has been causing quite a stir. Just how inappropriate can the TV show be? Let’s take a look at what folks are upset over here.  

Shocking moments 

While most content can fly these days on television, it seems that some folks are trying to step up and draw the line. The TV show Naked Attraction has always been known to cause a bit of controversy every now and then, but it actually angered many viewers of Channel 4 after the latest special episode of the show’s “most shocking moments” aired, and well, things got a little bit too steamy and explicit for folks to handle. 

A lot of people have been downright angered by what aired in that special episode, and some are even going as far as calling for the cancellation of Naked Attraction. So just how bad was it? Well, the eighth series of this current season showed off a compilation of what was considered the “Best Naughty Bits” from the past five years of this show. These flashback scenes included some close-up shots of sexual organs and more. 

One scene from the previous week’s episode on Naked Attraction included a male contestant who had the face of an elephant tattooed around his penis. . . Well, that’s one way to grab a viewer’s attention. Another contestant also explained to the series’ host Anna Richardson about how his unusually long and thick tongue is often used to satisfy his women lovers in bed. Of course, this offended a lot of viewers on Channel 4. 

Some other scenes that were shown on the special episode included some men playing around with some intimate piercings, and other moments revealed a woman licking cream off of a potential romantic partner. Another scene showed a couple dry humping in a budget hotel. Then, another scene that made people upset was one where a girl looked at someone’s body and said: “Nice bit of girth on that penis”.

How have people reacted? 

As we’ve already mentioned, while tons of people have already been a bit on the fence over the content shown on Naked Attraction, this was what officially set some of these angry folks off and caused them to demand the cancellation of this series. One person expressed online: “Why on earth is Naked Attraction a thing? Honestly I’m sex positive but someone needs to cancel this sh*t”.

Another person expressed: “These Naked shows and the like should be taken off air. . .” A third viewer said: “Still cannot believe #NakedAttraction got commissioned! 😂”. Clearly, many folks were not happy with the scenes that aired on the special episode.

However, it doesn’t seem like this show is going to strip back any of its naughtiness anytime soon. As the host Anna Richardson explained to viewers though, “Everyone knows here at Naked Attraction we don’t like beating around the bush. We’ve been stripping back the clothes and the filters for a good few years now. We kick off every date where it normally ends – if you’re lucky… naked”.

“We’ve had some seriously jaw-dropping moments so we thought it was time we romped through our X-rated archives and celebrated our very best naughty bits. Tonight is all about the times the pickers got it spot-on. Yes, these are the success stories that led to relationships and even dry-humping”, she said of the special episode. Well, what do you think? Was it too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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