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The 'Monster Hunter' movie is finally out! Fire up your favorite streaming device and check out the latest videogame adaptation.

You need to see the ‘Monster Hunter’ movie: Here’s how

After multiple delays, the highly awaited Monster Hunter movie is finally out. Carrying the weight of a popular video game franchise of the same name, the movie is packed with bloody, gory, monstrous action. Here are all the details about the movie and where you can watch it.

Thriving franchise

The movie descends from a vaunted franchise of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games. The video game is about a lone hunter who travels to the New World and encounters untamed wilderness. The hunter has to take down ferocious beasts that prowl around wreaking havoc. The game works by acquiring & crafting better weapons letting you take on stronger opponents. 

The Monster Hunter game series was developed & published by Capcom. Initially, the series struggled to find success outside its home country of Japan. But 2018’s Monster Hunter: World, elevated the footing of the game and managed to accumulate huge global success. According to Capcom’s official website, the franchise has sold over 65 million units as of September 30th, 2020. 

Considering the colossal popularity of the game, the developers were not quite on board with the idea of making a live-action movie. Paul W. S. Anderson, the director of the Monster Hunter’s movie adaption, told Entertainment Weekly that the game is one of Capcom’s “crown jewels” and “they required quite a lot of persuading to allow us to work on the movie”. 

Monster Hunter’s premise

The Monster Hunter revolves around the escapades of an elite military force led by Captain Artemis. Captain Artemis and her squad are pulled into a parallel world because of a mystical sandstorm. The world they enter is infested with giant monstrous beasts. 

There the squad meets a monster hunter who helps them survive the harshness of their new reality. The squad’s ultimate goal is to fight the ravenous monsters while seeking a way to go back to their home planet.

To make the movie more palatable for the Monster Hunter fans, the makers made sure not to skimp on the action. The movie is grippingly paced and chock-full of magnificent monster fights, and other CGI effects shots. 

Power-packed cast

Screen Gems’s adaptation of the Capcom video game stars Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis, a U.S. Army Ranger member of a United Nations military team, alongside martial arts superstar Tony Jaa, who will play one of many skilled warriors fighting the monstrous beasts. 

Joining the Monster Hunter squad is hip-hop artist turned actor T.I. Harris & acting veteran Ron Perlman. Harris portrays the character of Link, a sniper, while Perlman will be seen as the leader of Hunter’s Crew. Other cast members include Meagan Good as Dash, Diego Boneta as Marshall, Josh Helman as Steeler, Jin Au-Yeung as Axe, and Hirona Yamazaki as Handler.

Where can you watch Monster Hunter?

Monster Hunter’s theatrical release received lukewarm fanfare, majorly due to the COVID-19 safety protocols. As of now, the movie is airing in selected theaters. Regarding the digital release, no official word has been out but the film is available for pre-order on Amazon Prime Video & Vudu, which lists the movie’s release date as December 25th. 

However, if you want some bloody monstrous enjoyable fun at home then there are a lot of free streaming websites where you can watch the movie. Here are a few of the best free streaming platforms where you can catch the Monster Hunter movie. 

123 Movies

Known as one of the best streaming websites, 123 Movies includes both old & new films. You can stream the Monster Hunter movie on the site at no cost.

Solar Movies

Another platform where you can catch the Monster Hunter movie without the hassle of creating an account or paying a dime is Solar Movies.


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