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In our opinion, Jovovich is an unparalleled boss of the highest order. Here’s our ranking of nine of her most badass on-screen moments.

Diva dance: Ranking Milla Jovovich’s most dynamite fight scenes

Did James Franco and Bruce Thierry Cheung’s Future World look like an off-brand rip off of Mad Max? Absolutely. Did we still watch the sh** out of it? You’re damn right we did! The post-apocalyptic sci-fi action movie was hot garbage, the ultimate in trashy cinematic delights – which is exactly the sort of nonsense Film Daily loves to see at the end of a hard working week.

Starring Franco (The Disaster Artist) alongside Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels), Suki Waterhouse (The Bad Batch), and Snoop Dogg (don’t adjust your internet – the cast really is that insane), Future World hit theaters last year on May 25. Most importantly, the film featured the wondrous delights of Milla Jovovich as a crazed-looking lady known as Drug Lord.

In our opinion, Jovovich is an unparalleled boss of the highest order and doesn’t receive nearly enough credit for being the bombastic action star she truly is. Here’s our ranking of nine of her most badass on-screen moments worthy of your worship. And yes, many of them are quite rightfully from the deliciously trashy Resident Evil franchise.

9. Milady takes out a whole room of guards: The Three Musketeers (2011)

The less said about Paul W.S. Anderson’s cringey reboot of the classic tale, the better. However, it is worth watching if just to see Jovovich play an assassin who doesn’t let the restrictive female fashions of the 1800s hinder her capacity to slaughter people.

8. Zombie slaying: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

Taking down an entire room of bad guys is something Jovovich has done time and again in her career, but there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing her blood-splashing antics go down in the most pristine, white room imaginable.

7. Cydney fails her knife attack: A Perfect Getaway (2009)

We want to be put on record as saying that David Twohy’s thriller (co-starring Timothy Olyphant & Steve Zahn) is hugely underrated and worth multiple rewatches. We also want to be put on record as saying the film features one of Jovovich’s best performances as the mysterious Cydney who (as this scene capably proves) can be as terrifying as she is hopeless.

6. Alice vs. those damn zombie dogs: Resident Evil (2002)

Those zombie dogs (or Cerberus as they’re apparently known – please don’t chime in Res Evil nerds) are hella nasty, but Alice dispatches them like they’re little more than a piss fly ruining her afternoon snack.

5. Henchwoman Katinka takes control of the catwalk: Zoolander (2001)

Jovovich portrays the clown-lipped fashionista with a savage amount of wit including a moment where she writhes in ecstasy and licks up her own blood after being punched by Matilda (Christine Taylor).

4. Alice survives being used for zombie bait: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

You’ve really gotta give props to our girl here. Not only does she manage to keep up with a damn tank, not get eaten by the horde of zombies behind her, and maintain an arrogant swagger, but Alice also effortlessly turns the tables on the morons trying to torture her. It’s an absolute riot.

3. Library fight scene: Ultraviolet (2006)

We’re all aware of what a load of turgid pseudo-vampiric nonsense Kurt Wimmers flop of a film is, but you’ve gotta love the ludicrous fight scenes in this film.

One of the greatest by far is this one where Violet Song (or whatever her actual quadruple-barreled name is) takes down a whole library full of disposable bad dudes by just aimlessly swinging a gun with an apparent everlasting chamber of ammunition. It’s actually pretty poetic if you’re into really dumb fight scenes.

2. Leeloo fights the Mangalores: The Fifth Element (1997)

Soundtracked by the iconic Diva Dance opera scene, LeeLoo’s solo fight scene proves she’s more than just a Born Sexy Yesterday trope and has the moves, swagger, and innovation to kick ass like a boss.

1. Alice & Claire fight the Axeman: Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Easily the best moment in the whole movie featuring one of the most iconic villains of the classic game series, the Axeman is suitably terrifying and seemingly impossible to beat. Naturally, ya girl Alice finds a way around that whole issue by just cooly sliding underneath him and firing a cheap shot square at the hench bastard’s brain.

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