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We’re coming down with the 'Money Heist' fever, and it’s bad. Here's our favorite moments from 'Money Heist' season 3.

The very best moments from ‘Money Heist’ season 3 and more

We’re coming down with the Money Heist fever, and it’s bad. With less than a month to go until part four hits Netflix, we’re dreaming of seeing The Professor (Alvaro Morte), Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), and the gang getting back to work to finish their robbery of the Bank of Spain. 

Throughout our various rewatches of the show to prep us for Money Heist part four, we’ve fallen back in love with our gang of misfits. From the little character moments that bring our bond to them closer, to the drama that makes or breaks them, Money Heist knows how to create characters we love. 

The Professor defending his love Raquel (Itziar Ituno)

The Professor is the mastermind behind these heists, and it’s clear there’s more to him than the gang recognizes. Just rewatching that moment when he admits he’s in love with Raquel at the end of part two twists our heart in his favor.

But the moment that truly defines The Professor as our favorite character, is when he goes against his morals to get revenge on Raquel’s death. From day one, The Professor made it clear there should be no casualties. But the minute the police trick him into thinking Raquel is dead, all bets are off. His morals are strong, but his love for Raquel is stronger. 

Moscow (Paco Tous) and “Bella Ciao”

Moscow deserved better. We’re just gonna say it now. How can you watch the man sing “Bella Ciao” in victory and not say the same thing? Especially having his son Denver in the mix, Moscow was destined for trouble. But we’re just going to ignore his death and continue to listen to him singing “Bella Ciao”.

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) just being a psychopath

In this business, you have to have no emotional ties to your work. Berlin mastered that, as he can shoot and shout with no remorse for anything. Yes, he’s definitely a dick at times, but Berlin does have a heart for his brother. He also helps out the hostages if he needs anything. 

We’re not going to sit here and call Berlin a good person, but there could be worse leaders. Berlin and his flat demeanor are terrifying, but we still find ourselves rooting for him throughout the first season. While no one deserves a death like Berlin’s, he made the smart decision to sacrifice himself and choose his own death. Maybe being a psychopath isn’t a bad thing. 

Nairobi (Alba Flores) helping her new boss

We find out early on in part one that Nairobi is a mother, but had to give her son up to make sure he had a better life. While this ends up being her downfall at the end of part three, it’s clear that Nairobi would’ve been a great mother. 

The team is still getting used to Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna) being in charge as they head into the Bank of Spain. But of course, nothing’s easy, and the gang has to go in guns blazing against security and government officials. Palermo ends up getting blinded by glass shards, but Nairobi doesn’t let that stop anyone. She steps up and pulls the glass out of Palermo’s eyes, so he can go back to being in charge.

Palermo and Helsinki (Darko Peric) as a couple

The big Russian teddy bear and a Berlin copycat? Not the couple we were expecting, but we’re not going to say we’re not into it. We don’t know for certain that Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz) wasn’t Helsinki’s partner, to begin with. But regardless, Helsinki lost his best friend when Oslo died. Seeing him find happiness in Palermo is sweet. 

Money Heist returns to Netflix on April 3rd. Parts 1-3 are streaming now.

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