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'Money Heist' has become a global phenomenon with people donning Dalí masks and red jumpsuits. Here's how you can rob the Royal Mint of Spain from home.

Rob the Royal Mint of Spain: Experience ‘Money Heist’ your way

Money Heist has become a global phenomenon with people donning Dalí masks and red jumpsuits for so many occasions other than Halloween, that part three of Money Heist even featured footage of real-life people celebrating the fictional thieves. People just cannot get enough of their favorite city-named characters and their insane heists.

The show is so beloved there are now multiple ways to immerse yourself in the show and pretend to take on an impossible heist of your own. It’s a great way to blow off a little steam and celebrate your love of the show. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting ways to become one with the show that we can’t wait to try ourselves.

DIY Escape Kit

This one is a great option for people stuck at home while social distancing. For $22 you are given a PDF to download and print. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions (which advise approximately 20 minutes of setup) and you’re ready to go! They will also provide access to a YouTube playlist to make the scenario feel more realistic. While we haven’t purchased this yet we imagine it contains things such as gunfire SFX.

The website, called Escape Kit, says you can have teams of three to six players, but have as many teams as you wish playing simultaneously. The difficulty is recommended for ages sixteen and up, which should be alright since there probably aren’t many people under the age of sixteen watching Money Heist.

Even better, the website has a satisfaction guarantee so if you aren’t happy they’ll give you a refund.

La Casa de Papel – The Experience

If making your own escape room doesn’t quite sound your speed, then when quarantine is over you may want to check out the official ones popping up in major cities. Currently, there are immersive experiences in Madrid (of course), Paris, and São Paulo. There are twelve other cities around the world with plans to host their own experiences though, so it’s worth checking if one is coming to a city near you.

The program boasts a themed bar to enjoy while you wait to join a heist. Then sixty minutes of an interactive experience including actors, special effects, gunfights, and surprises while you take part in a new heist story – according to their website. Afterward, there’s merchandise for purchase, cocktails, and themed snacks. Before you go you can take a souvenir photo in your Money Heist outfits.

Buying merch

If you’re looking for more than a one-time experience then, of course, there’s always merchandise. From Etsy sweatshirts with quotes to official Funko Pops, there are all kinds of fun Money Heist related options to decorate your room or wardrobe with.

Our personal favorites are the Funko Pops, and it’s taking a certain amount of willpower not to just buy every single variation they have.

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