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We’re stuck waiting for part four of 'Money Heist' to hit Netflix, let’s revisit some highlights of the past. Here's our favorite moments from the cast.

‘Money Heist’ cast: Favorite moments from the best thieves

The reason we’ve fallen head over jumpsuit for Money Heist is the outstanding cast Netflix brought together for the Spanish crime drama. The Professor leads a wonderful team, but it’s only as good as it is because the casting behind the scenes got everyone perfectly right. We wouldn’t see anyone besides Alvaro Morte and Itziar Ituno as The Professor and Raquel, or someone else besides Ursula Corbero as Tokyo. 

With such perfect casting, there’s so many little moments with each character that just nails who the character is and remains stuck in your mind. We may have lost some characters over the past three parts of Money Heist, but we’ll forever remember the personal moments made throughout the show. 

While we’re stuck waiting for part four of Money Heist to finally hit Netflix, let’s revisit some highlights of the past. But instead of just generic “best parts of Money Heist”, let’s look back on the best character moments for each individual character. 

The Professor gets Raquel to change sides

Watching the Professor manipulate his way into Raquel’s trust during parts one and two, the highlight is when it finally pays off. During episode 8 of part two, Raquel finally discovers The Professor’s location, but when she goes solo, she gets tied up. 

At that point, we see the Professor getting hostile with her, mad at himself for falling in love with Raquel which threw a huge wrench in his plan. But he has one last card up his sleeve. 

With Raquel unable to leave, he tells her the whole plan. That he’s just doing what the European Central Bank did: create money and make a “liquidity injection” for the sake of lining pockets. Except this time, it’s money that will go to people who need it, not the 1% who need nothing. Watching the Professor slowly lose it realizing that he has to pray this woman loves him too and won’t turn him in, that’s the true prize. 

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) turns Arturo into a suicide bomber

Acting as the voice of reason out of all the thieves, Berlin is the rational, cool-headed leader who doesn’t want to leave any casualties behind. But after all the trouble bank director Arturo Roman nearly gets the entire group killed (and does actually get Oslo killed), Berlin is not playing Mr. nice guy anymore. 

He pulls on the book of torture from the Holocaust, forcing the hostages to dig for hours and hours with no break. Berlin adds incentive to their work, showing what he’s done to their leader Arturo. Turned into a human timebomb, any one of us can hit the button and let him go boom with the rest of the hostages. It’s terrifying to see this transformation from Berlin, but it’s perfect for him. 

Tokyo gets thrown out of the bank by Berlin

Tokyo is kind of the worst at times. But when the team starts getting restless after everything went poorly at the end of part one, Tokyo ends up planning a mutiny against Berlin, since she’s still mad at him for lying about his health. It seems like it could work, but Berlin is one step ahead as always, and throws her to the wolves instead. 

Based on the description of the scene, this sounds like it should be Berlin’s moment, not Tokyo’s. But the reality is even as the narrator, Tokyo is still the robber that accidentally fell for Rio and blew a hole in the plan. 

She’s a scared little girl who’s not used to a job this big. This moment shows that she still has a lot to learn. 

Moscow (Paco Tous): “Bella Ciao”

Not every character moment has to be bad. Watching Moscow, after taking so much time trying to finally crack his way into the vault, hits dirt that gets him in, is such a touching moment. But what makes it the great moment it is in the direction of all the robbers singing “Bella Ciao” together to celebrate their success.

So much has gone wrong for the team up until this point, and they really just need a full-on win to get them back to speed. 

Treating hitting the vault like the victory it is was the exact morale boost the team needed to keep pushing through adversity. But of course, no victory is complete without a celebration, even if it’s a subtle one. That’s what makes this moment the iconic scene it is. 

Money Heist part four returns to Netflix on April 3rd  worldwide.

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