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Why Kate Middleton and Prince Harry fell out with Meghan Markle

We all know Megan Markle isn’t precisely Buckingham’s cup of tea! Selling her history while being a Royal has cost her a lot more than the millions she has achieved from her series & podcasts. We’re less than a month away from the coronation and we’re all aware Marke’s head will never be the chosen one, but is she still appreciated by any member of the Royal Family? Was she ever in the first place?

It’s more than understandable that ventilate information about the Royal lifestyle has humanized all these figures who are far from perfect. Nonetheless, this has definitely not been appreciated by any of them. But is there a particular issue with Kate Middleton and Prince William? Aside from the cheating rumors they’ve been involved in, the couple has always stayed very status quo. 

But why did Kate & Prince William take distance from Megan Markle? Was it that she said what she said or that Markle’s accusations are actually true and racism is a real issue between the Royals? Don’t forget how worried everything was during Megan’s pregnancy due to her Afro-American origins. Let’s take a closer look at how things are moving around the coronation. 

Will anyone miss Megam Markle?

Prince Charles’s coronation is right around the corner, the event will be held at Westminster Abbey on 6 May. The King will be crowned with Camilla, the Queen Consort, becoming the 40th reigning monarch crowned there since 1066. Many are definitely missing Princess Diana right now and fantasizing about having her as a queen, but is anyone missing Megan Markle & prince Harry?

Buckingham Palace has already shared plans regarding everything about the coronation, including the anointing oils that will be used. We also can almost suspect by now that Megan Markle will definitely not be part of the coronation, and Kate Middleton has shared to be comfortable about her skipping the event.  According to Middleton, Megan’s absence will minimize drama at the event!

Yet, further, than the evident dislike Megan Markle experiments towards the entire Royal family, which is mutual, there’s another situation happening that day. It turns out that Harry & Megan’s son Archie turns fourth on May 6, which is the official reason why Megan will stay in California. What it’s still not clear to everyone is if Prince Harry will be attending the event. 

Are Harry & Megan fully canceled? 

Prince Harry & Megan Markle haven’t been the only ones to open up about their feelings and family discomforts. The Daily Mail published a recent excerpt from Robert Jobson’s upcoming book, Our King: Charles III. The book reveals how fresh are still all the hard feelings regarding Meghan & Harry at the palace. No matter how time goes by, it looks like this relationship can’t be saved.

In fact, last September when Queen Elizabeth II died, Prince William & Princess Kate invited Prince Harry & Megan Markle for a walkabout and it didn’t go out well.  Nonetheless, despite Megan’s tensions and Harry’s distance from the royal family, he did keep a close relationship with the queen till her last days. Yet, according to royal experts, the late queen was worried that Megan’s love was “clouding his judgment.”

Jobson who was the first one to report about the royal’s frustrations towards Megan Markle, began this narrative in 2018. Around five years have gone by since all these situations happen and went public, which undoubtedly makes them weigh a lot more. It looks like will have to wait till the coronation day to see if any changes have happened in Harry & Megan’s relationship with their family. 

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