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Are you a Christmas poet and don't know it? Have a jolly good time spreading cheer with the merry memes that you see here!

Wish your family a Merry Christmas with these top-notch holiday memes

Look outside and you will see – winter has brought us a month graced with glee. Finally December has come knocking, and it’s time to start filling our stocking. We simply can’t help but have a jolly good time and sprinkle this blurb with pitiful rhymes.

Snowflakes are falling and jingle bells are calling, and the holidays are teeming with moments of LOLing. What better way to spread holiday cheer than with festive Christmas memes to brighten your year? We hope you jump on these Christmas meme trends, and be sure to send them to your family & friends!

Rockin’ around

If only the classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” song knew about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s certainly all we’ll be able to think about when we hear the lyrics now.

Grogu Christmas

Oh, how Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) embodies our young Christmas spirit. The little twink literally has twinkles in his eyes.

HBD Jesus

Isn’t that always the way? Families fight and ruin all the fun. Such party poopers. Give Jesus the celebration he deserves!

Twinkle twinkle furry star

Cats may look like little angels when they’re acting cute – but you do not want them anywhere near that tree unless you want destruction.

Lord of the Shopping

Christmas may be a happy time of year, but the shopping can be a whole lot of stress. Conquering your list is like traveling to Mordor & back.

Say goodbye to your decor

Cats just can’t help themselves. The big beautiful ornaments are just asking to be swatted & crushed in the eyes of a curious kitty.

Must impress Vader

We had to throw in this Darth Vader meme because David Prowse (the man in the Darth Vader suit) just passed. If anyone would be a stellar holiday Grinch it’d be him.

Jolly red panda

Look at that little face!

Sorry December babies

We send our deepest apologies to all you folk who can’t separate your birthday from the holidays it coincides with.

Merry Christopher Walken

Yet another classic Christmas carol claimed by the memes. Christopher Walken must look especially angelic walkin’ through the snow.

Christmas cookie champ

Excited to decorate Christmas cookies? Be sure to do it in style.

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