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Need a lift to your spirits? Check out these cats who are also having a tough time existing in the world. They're sure to make you giggle.

Get a laugh with these funny photos of cats having a tough time

If you’re having a tough time – it’s time for you to look at a photo of a cat. When isn’t it the time to look at a cat? Especially when the kitties are on the struggle bus right with you. But when cats struggle, it’s a whole heck of a lot funnier. 

To whomever captured these hilarious photos of cats struggling in life – we seriously applaud you. And to the silly cats in these photos – hang in there. Take a moment to have a laugh as you enjoy these hilarious photos of cats who have it rough.

Please don’t fill this tub

This kitty looks petrified! This is a serious situation. How did you get in there silly cat? 

Don’t want to talk about it

After a long day – we totally do the same thing as this cat. Look at that grumpy glare. Also – is that heart mark adorable or what? 

What is this cat thinking?

We can only imagine the things on this kitty’s mind. Those wide eyes – that expression. Something is up. 

Are you boneless?!

How is that pose even possible? Did this cat suddenly lose all of the bones in their body? 


Is this cat an Olympic gymnast? How the heck did this kitty get up there? And how will it get down?!

Acrocat in training

This kitten has a bright future. Look at that handstand! We just hope this kitty sticks the landing.

To be or not to be

Is this cat actually Hamlet? We’ve never seen a cat this introspective before. Is this a kitty existential crisis?

Mooch cat

Oh golly – look at the longing in those eyes. The pleading! Feed the poor beggar. 

Cat egg

We think it’s possible these cats believe they laid an egg. They’re going to need some therapy when their owner eats it.

This cat is in high places

How is it that cats always find the silliest places to hide? Maybe that’s the only place to get in a good cat nap? 

Peeping tomcat

Wow, this kitty really wants to look out that peephole. We wish you luck small friend – you’ve already come so far.

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