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Nightmarish or hilarious? Perhaps the berries and cream TikTok meme is both. Check out the best TikToks featuring the iconic little lad, Jack Fervor.

Get ready to cringe at these hilarious berries and cream TikToks

Berries & cream, berries & cream! Who’s the little lad who loves berries & cream? They’re Jack Ferver (they/them) as a high-pitched character from the early 2000s who’s having a TikTok revival. Millennials remember them randomly popping up in Starburst commercials to sing his little jingle.

Kids nowadays know them as the funny little lad inspiring a new dance trend among Gen Alpha. Like Gen X, they’re using TikTok to revive classic trends, discoveries, and even old commercials. This apparently includes bringing back the little lad & their dances.

Some of y’all might not remember this character. You might’ve pushed the terrifying memory of them in St. Patrick’s Day cosplay to the deep recesses of your mind. Here’s a fun reminder:


Hopefully this helps #berriesandcream #foryou #littlelad #starburst

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

Gen Alpha has brought the little berries & cream-obsessed lad back for fun TikTok remixes. What millennials just wanted to forget, they’ve revived. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d woken up and chosen violence.

Don’t believe me? Grab your phone and get it into these fun remixes on the classic berries & cream dance!


yes, you’re back on berries and cream tiktok✨ @gianthoodies #gianthoodies #hoodiefam #berriesandcream #foryou

♬ original sound – Jacob Sutherland

Medieval remix

Berries & cream meets Medieval Times


Reply to @glitchy_confused eat. YOUR. BERRIES AND CREAM 😩🍓🥛 #hognose #snake #reptile #berriesandcream #eatyourvegetables #littlelad #pets #animals

♬ Eat your Berries and Cream Remix DJ Flapjack – DJ Flapjack

Not just for humans

Even adorable snakes can slither into berries & cream


Can’t believe I did this but this might be my favorite dance cover yet 😂 @thereallittlelad #berriesandcream #littlelad #littleladdance

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

Truly inspired

It’s the accuracy for us


What song next? Tag @The Little Lad #asmr #ericjxhnsxn #asmrking #asmrsounds #asmrsinging #asmrvideo #asmrtiktoks #asmr_tingles #berriesandcream #heyy

♬ original sound – ASMR KING 👑


Berries & cream in a gentle whisper


Reply to @big5yearold BERRIES & CREAM MIX! Are you the little lad who…?!👀 @The Little Lad #fyp #foryou #foru #berriesandcream

♬ original sound – Poppin Candy


The berries & cream no one wanted


Mummy’s back. You can stop dancing now. @The Little Lad 🍓🍨 #berriesandcream

♬ Little lad Berries and cream dance – EdroomBedroom

Not edible

It looks delicious though


mommy made me post it… #berriesandcream #littlelad

♬ You have to tell them that your little lad – Cursed Mashups

A trio of little lads

Teamwork makes the dream work


1 million ! on TLL day ! WOW! Thank you #berriesandcream #littlelad #dance

♬ original sound – The Little Lad

The original

Jack Fervor shows the kids how it’s done

What’re your favorite berries & cream TikTok? Do you prefer a remix or the original? Let us know in the comments below!

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