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Why on earth would anyone use Gorilla Glue in their hair? Here's how Twitter suggests you remove it and get out of that sticky situation.

Memes: Twitter tries to figure out how to remove Gorilla Glue from hair

Today’s hottest viral Tik Tok features someone who accidentally got themself in, well, let’s just say a sticky situation. Hopefully, someone can show them how to remove gorilla glue! 

In hopes of pivoting from their empty bottle of hairspray, this TikToker chose to opt for a spray can of gorilla glue . . . you know, that real strong glue used in hardware & repair projects? We’ve seen some odd things done before, but this one has to take the cake, as they’re still probably researching how to remove gorilla glue. 

Here are some gorilla glue memes that will provide some levity in these difficult times. Who knows? Maybe some of these memes will help solve the question of how to remove gorilla glue from your hair . . . even though we seriously doubt it. 

Quick fix

So you say “washing it out” didn’t work? Hit up Ariana Grande for a new solution. She’s notorious for her hair nightmares during the Victorious days. Maybe she has some ideas on how to remove gorilla glue? 


Genuinely, we feel awful. He gets the idea of sticking to the plan, but not literally! 

New warning label

Trump may be off the hook for suggesting to swallow bleach

New usage rate

Well . . . let’s just throw gorilla glue against the wall and see what ideas stick. Technically everything should, right? 


It’s never a good thing when Spongebob is laughing at you . . . 

Oops, she did it again

Even Britney thinks you’re insane for doing that. Yikes. 

Twitter for the win

Perfect meta description.

My leg

The video is worth the watch. Best PSA of 2021 thus far. 

Looks like play-doh

Holy H$!!, this is an actual brand? 

Handing off of the torch

This even got Bernie out of his chair. We’re impressed.

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