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Before #Megxit, the term Brexit was coined to remove the UK from the EU once and for all! Here's the latest update.

Could palace officials be prosecuted because of Megxit scandal?

After Netflix’s scandalous Harry & Meghan series officially launched, we’ve been diving into all the revelations from the docuseries. However, it looks like most of the tea is being served out of the screen since the couple has been receiving a lot of hate, particularly Meghan. And yes, of course, this is a gender issue and we’ll talk about that very critically later. 

Several notes have been written this morning under the title “Megxit” and it became a trending topic in social media already. The term is a creative but cruel way to indicate Meghan is the principal responsibility of her and prince Harry having to abandon their twisted fairytale life full of racism & designer clothes. What Meghan wants, Meghan gets, but was it all Meghan’s desire? 

Is Prince Harry completely love blind or is Meghan his saving boat to leave behind a life he never got to choose and probably didn’t like? There are several hipper questionable situations around Meghan Markle’s & Prince Harry’s way of proceeding when they left the Royal Family, but is the term “Megxit” fair? The truth is both sides have publicly reported awful things about each other, yet they hide behind a “Royal source” label.

Megxit Scandal 

It all began when Prince Harry & Meghan were outspoken about their plans to step away from their duties as part of the British royal family. Nonetheless, this was something that honestly, we all saw coming. Many times, the Royals responded to the “attacks’ ‘ through several testimonies they signed as “Royal Source” which is a code to go off the record. They usually said that by then Sussexes were “absolutely wrong”, total gaslighting!

Anyway, the Royal family counts on a not historical but ancestral long tail to step over. Sexual assault accusations, friendships with sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein & Jimmy Savile, infidelities, racism, and even deaths form part of the list. But honestly, what can we expect from such an archaic regime as a Monarchy? May the Megxit scandal serve to point at all the violence this regime replies and stop romanticizing it. 

But let’s stay critical. Although it’s quite credible that Meghan did suffer from racism during the time she spent with the Royal Family, it is true that she’s charging for that. But wait, why wouldn’t she? Also, she’s not alone in this. Remember that Prince Harry always complained about being a public figure and having to interact with the media? Well, it looks like he’s reclaiming that fear by enlarging his bank account.

There’s nothing wrong in profiting from one’s pain & history, yet, they’re not being transparent with that and they did use the victim role a little too much. The truth is, no matter how much they suffered in that regime, they’re both powerful public figures perfectly able to capitalize on themselves. So when they talk about working towards being financially independent as a challenge they both just seem super fake.

 The Yoko Ono archetype

Although the tarot proposes only twenty-two major arcana, the truth is our popular culture would lead to a whole new tarot with thousands of archetypes. Yoko Ono plays a very difficult one since she’s always been blamed for tearing The Beatles apart. The truth is several factors had to do with the band splitting, but the reductionist and misogynic logic we were raised with will always blame the feminine figures. 

The same situation is happening with Meghan Markle, we mean, “Megxit”, who’s been medically charged individually for their couple’s decisions. We’re not saying she has acted impeccably, but she has never been alone in all the situations she’s been accused of doing. So if you’re using the hashtag or got trapped in this narrative, stay critical to yourself. If you’re only blaming Megahn, some misogyny fell in your gaze. 

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