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if you want to laugh at the misfortune of a rich celebrity finally getting put in their place, here are the finest memes about mean Ellen DeGeneres.

Replace Ellen DeGeneres? The best ‘mean’ memes so far

At this point, the headlines are no longer debating if Ellen DeGeneres is mean or not, and instead, assuming she is and figuring out who’s taking over The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There’s so many stories out there about how the producers on the show mistreated employees, and Ellen herself did nothing to stop it. So it’s hard to believe in the “be kind” mantra anymore. 

Naturally, as the Internet tends to do when there’s Hollywood drama, plenty of memes have come out with replacement ideas over Ellen, as well as just digging down on the “mean Ellen DeGeneres” idea. So if you want to laugh at the misfortune of a rich celebrity finally getting put in their place, here’s some of the finest memes about Ellen being mean. 

Just a little bit of Jesus

Whether this was intentional or not, it definitely is a great joke trying to compare her to the son of God. 

Over-sexualizing everyone

Sure, it’s equality, but it’s also an invasion of privacy when Ellen keeps bringing up everyone’s sex lives. 

Replace Migos with her producers

Seriously, this is how we feel about all these celebrities trying to defend Ellen DeGeneres and her producers being mean. 

Unintentionally real

Sure, the “Me on Ellen” meme was funny, but now we’re not 100% certain Ellen wouldn’t actually do this. 

More lies

So you’ll be friends with a man who wouldn’t legalize gay marriage and killed numerous people but you put your foot down at Trump?

A lot of messes

Ellen tries to keep her show fresh, but really she’s always 4 years behind what’s actually popular. 

Positive LGBTQ+ representation

There’s a reason names like Ellen Page keeps getting brought up to be the new Ellen.

Get someone actually funny

Tiffany Pollard is still a meme to date from her time on Flavor of Love, and unlike most reality stars, has stayed in the spotlight since. She definitely would win over Ellen’s fanbase

Redistributing wealth to the wealthy

In case you want a prime example of how the rich stay rich, just look at Ellen trying to give Bill Gates of all people millions. 

Some true positivity

If WarnerMedia really wants to stick to the “Be Kind” mantra, nothing will be better than giving a cat the spotlight, and therefore giving everyone a little bit of positivity in their daily lives.

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