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As the daughter of Paul Walker, Meadow Walker was bound to start gaining media attention at some point. Which actor will she be marrying?

Meadow: Meet the actor who’s engaged to the daughter of Paul Walker

As the daughter of Paul Walker, Meadow Walker was bound to start gaining media attention at some point. The twenty-two-year-old model has a lot going for her with the biggest news currently surrounding her being her new engagement. According to her Instagram, the daughter of Paul Walker is signed to DNA Models which is a major company. 

Some of the other famous names you might recognize from their lineup include Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Naomi Campbell. Walker’s Instagram is filled with a bunch of fun, sweet, candid shots of the beauty simply enjoying her life. She loves a comfortably knit sweater, gorgeous views of nature, and spending time with her friends. Now that she’s engaged, there’s a lot to delve into.

Meadow Walker’s engagement 

Anyone who gets the chance to date the daughter of Paul Walker is incredibly lucky since Meadow Walker is an absolute stunner. Her fiancé, Louis Thornton-Allan, popped the big question finally! The two made an announcement about it on Instagram this week. 

They filmed an adorable video with Drake’s song “Too Much” playing in the background. Meadow’s gorgeous diamond ring was the center of attention while she took a splash in her backyard pool. She kept it simple with the caption adding four heart symbols but no words. 

Meadow Walker’s fiancé

Who’s the handsome young man engaged to marry the daughter of Paul Walker? Louis Thornton-Allan is a handsome gentleman who seems to make Meadow Walker extremely happy! Taking a quick scroll through his Instagram reveals what an artistic soul he really has. He poses in front of lovely art displays, plays the electric guitar, and doesn’t shy away from abstract views that look totally artistic. 

One of the most recent lovey-dovey pictures he posted with Meadow showcases them cuddled up together on some lawn chairs with bright smiles on their faces. He captioned the picture saying “best friend” with a purple heart emoji. If it’s true they’re indeed best friends, it’s so exciting they’re getting married officially.

Other updates about Meadow

It’s obvious the daughter of Paul Walker is happier than ever these days with her for a new engagement. This means there’s got to be a lot of wedding planning coming up for her and her fiancé on the horizon. Wedding planning can be very exciting so this is something she’s most likely looking forward to! 

Aside from future wedding planning and all the modeling Meadow does,  she’s got some other interests. In an interview with Vogue, she explained, “I was quite a tomboy growing up. The way I was raised, especially with my dad, there wasn’t a focus on [makeup]. We would do boy activities, roll around in the mud, play soccer, and just be crazy.”

She also mentioned, “I grew up with crystals in the house and I actually have my dad‘s entire collection, probably more than thirty – including massive ones the size of a laptop – in my apartment. I’ve been putting them out in the moonlight and charging them for as long as I can remember.” Feeling connected to her late father through the activities they engaged in when she was young and maintaining his crystal collection must be super special for her! 

Meadow Walker’s wedding plans

As the daughter of Paul Walker, Meadow Walker is bound to be associated with some very famous individuals. Her godfather, for example, is none other than Vin Diesel. He obviously starred in the Fast & Furious franchise alongside her father back in the day. It’s possible Diesel will be the one to walk Meadow down the aisle on her wedding day if she so chooses.

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