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Did ‘Marrying Millions’ William Hutchinson commit this dark crime?

There are many dark crimes, but some are truly evil. And one seriously dark crime is rape. It takes away a person’s personhood, demeans them, makes them hate their own body, and the victim is looked at just as harshly as the victimizer. This should never happen, of course, but the world is a harsh & cruel place. And it gets even harsher & crueler when those in power think they can get away with their crimes.

Marrying Millions, which was a reality show on Lifetime, follows “the everyday lives of six couples who face scrutiny from family & friends”. One half of these couples are people who are, well, millionaires. Whether they’re married or on the way to the altar, the series focuses on the trials & tribulations that they all have to face. What does this have with a dark crime like rape?

William Hutchinson is part of one of these couples. The 60-year-old, at the time of filming for the series, was dating the 21-year-old Briana Ramirez. Now, Hutchinson is accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious teenage girl. Here’s what we know about the alleged horrific crime perpetrated by the reality TV personality.

What we know

On Tuesday, July 13, Hutchinson pled not guilty to one felony count of rape of an unconscious person as well as five misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. Hutchinson, now 63, was charged in Orange Country, CA and has posted $100,000 USD bail. The real-estate developer’s alleged incidents involve two 16-year-old girls, which is horrifying.

According to the accusations, these two separate incidents allegedly took place in his Laguna Beach vacation home. Hutchinson is allegedly accused of assaulting one of the teenagers in April while she was unconscious and committing four other acts of sexual battery against her. The fifth act of sexual battery was committed against another teen girl in May.

In addition, Hutchinson is also charged with one count of sexual battery in Texas, where it is a second-degree felony. According to Dan Hagood, Hutchinson’s defense attorney, the Texas victim is also the same April victim from the Laguna Beach alleged assault. She was allegedly assaulted in Dallas in May, when she was 17. The victim also said that Hutchinson touched her without consent, including massages & groping.

What Hutchinson says

Speaking with People, Hagood said, “It is not true. In the fullness of time, people will see that Mr. Hutchinson is absolutely not guilty of sexually assaulting or sexually molesting anybody anywhere at any time. Anybody who knows Bill Hutchinson for a day wouldn’t believe these charges. He knows lots of people and they are all standing with him.” (And how about the victims?)

As for the Texas charge, Hagood said that he’s confident that he can prove that the victim, who lived with Hutchinson & his family at the time, is lying about the assaults happening. He said, “I am confident the evidence will show it is the same person making the same allegations both times unconscious, two different states, two different months. It is a fantastical story.”

Hopefully, however, other people will believe the victim of this dark crime. Seeing as how Hutchinson did this stuff to children because teenagers are children, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth that he could possibly get away with this horrific act against his alleged victims. 

What do you think about the allegations against Hutchinson? Do you think that he will be held accountable for his actions? Do you think that Marrying Millions will remove Hutchinson from its second season? Let us know your thoughts about this dark crime down below. 

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  • “Hopefully people will believe the victim of this dark crime”…..Christ let the guy have his date in court. These are unproven allegations….

    August 17, 2021

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