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Zayn Malik has pleaded "no contest" to charges of harassment against Yolanda Hadid. See if this has been going on as long as 2020.

Did Zayn Malik’s “abuse” start in 2020? Inside the harrassment case

People are concerned about recent rumors regarding an altercation that took place between Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda asserts that during a recent argument, Malik physically struck her. Other accounts of the incident say he pushed her into a piece of furniture. As the rumors hit the internet, Malik expressed his dismay over the private matter becoming public and denied striking Yolanda. 

After this news broke, sources told news outlets that Malik & Gigi Hadid, who share a child together, will be moving on from their romantic relationship. If this is true, then it’s likely due to the altercation allegedly becoming violent between Malik, the father of Gigi’s child, and Yolanda, her mother. Malik has said nothing other than to contradict the validity of the rumors. 

Yolanda’s assertions appear to be backed up by her children, as Bella & Anwar Hadid unfollowed Malik in light of the dispute. No one from the Hadid family has spoken publicly to either accuse or acquit Malik of his alleged actions. The internet is abuzz with these rumors, all of which appeared rather suddenly to those removed from the situation. 

Zayn Malik’s response

Malik took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the ongoing matter. He stated that he hadn’t come forward about the situation because he was attempting to protect his daughter by keeping the matter private and not speaking out against her grandmother. Most of his statement focused on how upset he was that the issue had been made public.

Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid have had an on-and-off relationship for six years. The two reunited in 2019 and had their daughter in 2020. They have reportedly ended their romantic relationship after Yolanda took legal action against Malik, accusing him of harassing both her & Gigi. Reports say that Malik has pleaded no contest to these charges. 

Sources are also reporting that Malik used coarse language with Yolanda when she entered the home he shared with Gigi & they started to argue. One phrase in particular that’s circulating heavily on the internet is “f*ck*ng Dutch sl*t”, which Malik allegedly said when addressing Yolanda. 

As of today, Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid still follow each other on Instagram, if you put stock into that kind of thing. A representative for Malik continues to deny that Malik physically struck Yolanda whatsoever. Now, some are concerned that this abuse may have started back in 2020, of which there is as of yet no evidence. 

If rumors are true, the altercation arose from ongoing tension regarding Yolanda coming over to Malik & Gigi’s home uninvited. Despite reports that the two are no longer together romantically, sources say that they wish to continue to co-parent their daughter peacefully. 

Gigi’s response

Some say that although Gigi wasn’t physically present during the altercation, she was called on the phone at some point, during which Malik allegedly verbally berated her as well and demanded that she take his side in the argument. 

Gigi released a statement via her representative, saying that she was focused on her daughter and expressed a desire for privacy. The altercation has stayed under wraps for longer than we thought, with the alleged date of the incident taking place on September 29th, one month ago. It’s unclear how the event became public knowledge, but it’s possible that Yolanda filing against Malik drew attention to the matter. 

While Yolanda is pursuing legal action for the time being, reports & statements from Malik & representatives suggest that the co-parents want to move forward in a peaceful way. As of today, there is no word from Yolanda or her representatives. 

Here’s the latest: after pleading guilty to harassment, Malik will reportedly have to attend courses on anger management and pay a fine, as well as serve out a year of probation. 

As of now, there’s no word of any abuse occurring in the family before this incident. Are you surprised by this news? Do you think the abuse could have been going on since 2020? Let us hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

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