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Ever wanted to stay in a luxury college dorm? Or maybe you're moving onto campus next year and want ideas. Check out these gorgeous dorms for inspiration!

5 luxury college dorms

College is an exciting time. You’ll have to decide what dorm you want and where you want to go! If you’re looking for a luxurious college dorm that will offer all the amenities of home, then we have five suggestions for you. Check out these 5 luxury colleges with impressive dorms!

1. MIT

Simmons Hall has a ball pit, in addition to many lounges, the dining hall with the best food on campus, and a giant projection screen. MIT slapped the world in the face with a gauntlet as they have an acceptance rate of 7.81 percent for their incoming students, even better than Hogwarts… So on second thought, I’ll probably stay here at my desk. Do take a bubble bath at home for me, though!

They have probably the most technological dorms out there, and you can easily access the web in their spaces to use sites for your writing like

2. Scripps College

Scripps College students live in Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Hall, a 1920s Mediterranean-style building with a gorgeous living room.

Students at Scripps College are treated to a luxurious living experience. Many of the ten residences on campus have ornate furnishings and regal carpets. Some of the dorms have outdoor communal areas, red-tiled lined with fountains or balconies where students can socialize. Many of the residence halls have common areas with community pianos.

3. Bryn Mawr Collge

Gothic and gorgeous with a little bit of creepiness, the dorms at Bryn Mawr College are perfect for people who love Halloween. The rooms come with an original 1800s fireplace and window seats, which some people call the dream study spot.

Bryn Mawr College is looking to make dorm life comfortable for students. The student residence is a requirement, and the rooms are simple with a modern touch. Bryn Mawr College’s residence halls are built to promote community-building and bonds.

4. Oberlin

Oberlin College offers a range of housing options dependent on communities and lifestyles. There are language-based houses, healthy living houses, as well as identity-based opportunities. With resident assistants, organized experiences, and a community creed or motto on hand at all times, college dorms are more than just places to take a nap.

5. Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University has ten undergraduate residence halls, divided by year. These dorms provide personal bathrooms and cleaning staff to manage them. Less time scrubbing toilets means more time studying- so take advantage of it!.

Building and renovation noise can be a problem at Washington University in St. Louis because it constructs so much. Many students think that the picture-perfect dorms are too posh and too near campus for independent living. Although there are printers available on every floor, students might want to bring their own with them for emergencies.

Special mention: Florida Gulf Coast University

College dorms can come in many different shapes and sizes, but students at North Lake Village get to live like they’re on permanent vacation. Not only is the housing on the water’s edge, but it also features fire pits and hammocks, a sand volleyball court.

In conclusion: the luxury dorms we’ve mentioned in this blog post are unique and offer a different experience for their residents. If you’re looking to live like the 1% on your college campus, one of these luxurious living spaces might be perfect for you! By providing this list, we hope to make choosing a new space easier for those who want more than just four walls and some furniture inside them. 

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