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Liza Koshy has (possibly) come out on a new Instagram post. See Twitter's reaction to the news of the YouTuber's new girlfriend.

YouTuber Liza Koshy has a girlfriend? Peek at Twitter’s surprising reaction

YouTuber Liza Koshy may be dating someone? Or, well, we think she’s dating someone. Yesterday, the former Vine star turned actress/YouTuber posted a series of pictures to her Instagram showing her & another woman in a variety of adorable poses together. She then wrote, “happy belated birthday baby – i can’t want to see you at the end of the aisle one day . . . i just have no idea which role you’ll play”. 

The internet is trying to figure out what this means. Many online believe that Liza just came out. Others think it’s just gals being pals. Liza herself has not said anything yet one way or the other. At least, not that we could dig up. Either way, the pair certainly look happy together. And if the woman is Liza’s girlfriend, then they make a really cute couple. Most of Twitter thinks so as well! 


Started from the bottom

David Dobrik is a piece of crap. So, you know, good for her.


Good for her

Seriously, most of the comments are dunking David Dobrik and congratulating Liza. 


*sips soda*

It’s very interesting. 


Time for the string

Honestly, we’re all trying to figure this out. 


*waves Pride flag*

Happy Pride, everyone! 


It’s so sweet

It’s a total lowkey & adorable way to come out.


It’s usually bad! 

It’s great to see a YouTuber trending for a good reason for once! 


Yeah! 2021! 

It’s been a good year for wlw. 


Let’s heal

Time to heal and move on to a brighter future.


Get it, girl.

Basically, everyone right now. We’re so happy for you, Liza! 

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