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Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been having quite the messy divorce so far. Has he been stealing millions for years?

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce: Did Brandon Blackstock steal millions?

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been having quite the messy divorce so far. While it was recently revealed that Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay Brandon Blackstock a large sum of money per month in both spousal and child support, it now seems like the two are still figuring out some financial issues, and a disagreement over property has been going on. Let’s take a look at all the details of their divorce here. 

Disagreements over property? 

So what has been going on with Kelly Clarkson and her very complicated divorce with Brandon Blackstock? Well lately, the two have been having a dispute over some property they share together. According to court documents, Kelly Clarkson wants to sell the ranch in Montana she owns with Brandon Blackstock because, to her, she saw it as a “financial burden”. However, according to Brandon Blackstock, he sees it as otherwise.

It looks like forty-four-year-old Brandon Blackstock has a whole new vision with how he sees his future and what he wants out of the ranch in Montana. According to Blackstock, the music manager is actually planning to use the Montana ranch for his new aspiring career as a rodeo manager. So when did Brandon Blackstock plan to add being the head of the honcho on to his resume? It’s certainly the last thing anyone expected from him. 

While Kelly Clarkson sees their ranch in Montana as nothing more than a waste of their financial resources, Brandon Blackstock sees it as a business opportunity as well as a chance for an apparently much-needed lifestyle change. Back in hearings during February and March, the forty-four-year-old manager testified that he had a plan to say his goodbyes to the entertainment industry and instead become a full time rancher. 

A different type of entertainment 

We’re not sure what made Brandon Blackstock want to switch up from managing music in the studios to managing a rodeo in the open country fields, but we’re sure that the change of scenery will definitely be a heck of a more relaxing and peaceful time for him in the countryside as opposed to the busy city life. Besides, in court hearings, he even added that he spends “minimal time” there working with his one client Blake Shelton!

According to court documents that were filed on Friday, the judge shared the information of Brandon Blackstock’s new lifestyle changes, sharing that “The evidence, in this case, shows that after the date of Separation, Respondent made a very deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher full-time. He testified that he is not devoting any effort toward expanding his client list and music management business . . . .” 

The court documents added that the “Respondent has made a very deliberate choice, that he testified he planned for a long time, to significantly change his lifestyle from primarily working in the music and entertainment industry to working in an agriculture community and lifestyle involved in full-time ranch and cattle work”. While Blackstock may want to keep the ranch, Kelly Clarkson has had other plans during their divorce. 

Selling or keeping the ranch? 

While Brandon Blackstock may want to keep the ranch, Kelly Clarkson had made a request to sell the ranch which was eventually declined. According to Us Weekly, the cost of keeping the ranch tidy and up to date is around $81,000 each month. Us Weekly also confirmed that “because Blackstock is living and working there, he requested an order to include that he will pay the maintenance costs”.

However, if he fails to continue paying the monthly required maintenance fees, then Kelly Clarkson will have the chance to file another motion to sell the property. Just last month, it was reported that Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay Brandon Blackstock about $200,000 per month in spousal and child support due to their divorce. 

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