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We love our Korean drama series so we made a list of our all-time favorite ships that we will never stop thinking about.

Korean drama series: The best couples we’ll be shipping forever

Oh, how easy it is to fall in love with Korean dramas. Perhaps it’s the way so many K-dramas depict love that makes it so contagious. The relationships that blossom between characters are enthralling. There’s something about K-drama couples that makes us weak in the knees. 

Precious love stories aren’t hard to come by in the K-drama genre at all. In fact, we can’t even figure out which ones we love most. We can start by figuring out which couples we’d fight for above all else. Here are the couples from Korean dramas that we’ll ship until the end of our days.

Double couple – Descendants of the Sun    

Descendants of the Sun is a double-whammy romance because we’re obsessed with both couples depicted in this series. Both Song-Song (actor Song Joong-ki and actress Song Hye-kyo) and Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won need to be appreciated on this list. 

Of course, Song-Song tends to be the favorite ship because their exquisite chemistry on-screen helped their relationship actualize off-screen. Sadly, the two did break up, but Song-Song was a beautiful melody, and we’ll always ship these two cuties. 

Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won may not get as much spotlight as the Song-Song ship, but they totally deserve it. Each tender embrace between these two makes our hearts melt. They share such passion & sincerity – their love is inspiring.

Yang Se Jong & Seo Hyun Jin – Temperature of Love

Their characters fell in love online, but we’re hoping the actors fell in love on set. Yang Se Jong & Seo Hyun Jin have off-the-charts chemistry. These actors are also paired in the K-drama romance Doctor Romantic as Dr. Do & Dr. Yoon. 

We’re over-the-moon about this couple because you can really feel sparks fly when they have romantic scenes. They’re such an adorable couple, they totally belong together off-screen too.

Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin – Crash Landing on You

The perfect Romeo & Juliet pair ever, Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin. Their characters on Crash Landing on You (Yoon Se-ri & Ri Jeong-hyeok) overcome the bitter political divide of North & South Korea, proving that love can rise above all things. 

How couldn’t we ardently ship these two? As soon as Son Ye Jin falls from the sky into Hyun Bin’s arms, we know they were meant for each other. They’re definitely one of our favorite OTPs on this list.

Lee Jong-suk & Bae Suzy – While You Were Sleeping

A unique & touchy tale of love, While You Were Sleeping pairs together Nam Hong Joo & Jung Jae Chan, played by Lee Jong-suk & Bae Suzy. This K-drama couple will make you forget all about the lacklustre Sandra Bullock movie of the same title. They surpass that couple tenfold.

With tragic backstories, Lee Jong-suk & Bae Suzy are fated to be together and they share one of the sweetest bonds we’ve seen in the realm of K-drama romance. They’re so natural & vulnerable together that we will always ship them. 

Nam Joo Hyuk & Lee Song Kyung – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Not all romances have to be tricky & convoluted. Sometimes relationships are as natural as breathing and there’s nothing standing in their way from being together. It’s kind of a relief to watch a show like that. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is just that. 

Nam Joo Hyuk & Lee Song Kyung play a couple who gets swept up in a sweet romance bound to make your heart sing. A simple story of two sports university students falling in love will steal your heart more than you could have imagined.

Lee Dong Wook & Yoon In Na – Goblin & Touch your Heart

The union of acting duo Lee Dong Wook & Yoon In Na blessed us with two fantastic series that we cannot get over. When these two step into the same room, there’s instant chemistry – we can hardly look away from this adorable couple for more than a second. 

Goblin & Touch Your Heart will charm you with their dazzling performances. Touch Your Heart is particularly heart-warming because the show highlights their tender innocence and unveils hidden emotions between the characters.

Lee Jong-suk & Park Shin-hye – Pinocchio 

The world agrees with us – Lee Jong-suk & Park Shin-hye are meant to be together. Our proof? First of all, just look at them. They’re perfect for each other. Also – in 2014, they won the Best Couple Award in the SBS Drama Awards.

In Pinocchio the couple starts off as a pseudo-uncle & niece pair, but they grow up and become something so much more. The plot is filled with revenge drama and heavy tension. Yet, watching them as a couple will make your heart soar.

Who are your favorite ships from Korean dramas? Let us know in the comments below. 

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