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Kanye West will be a nominee for president on ballots in nine different states. Here are the list of states and nonexistent odds of him winning.

Want Kanye West as your president? Vote for him in these nine states

Kanye West will be a presidential nominee on ballots in nine different states. The rapper and political hopeful officially qualified to appear on the ballot in Idaho and Minnesota as an independent candidate in the 2020 presidential election. Vanity Fair reported that West also fulfilled the required signature count to appear on the ballot in Tennessee. 

The other states in which West will appear on the ballot include Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Vermont. According to Forbes, these inclusions do not change the fact that West has no mathematical chance of winning the 270 electoral votes necessary to become president. He has already missed the filing dates to be included on the ballots of major locations like New Jersey, Ohio, and his home state of Illinois.

West was made aware of his nonexistent chances during an exclusive interview with Forbes. He refused to provide a counter-argument, and simply stated, “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.” The aforementioned motto served as the title of his last studio album.

Presidential hopeful

West also stated that he no longer supports President Donald Trump. “I am taking the red hat off, with this interview,” he revealed. “It looks like one big mess to me. I don’t like that I caught wind that he hid in the bunker.” That said, the rapper saved his most critical words for presidential nominee Joe Biden. When asked whether he wanted to damage Biden’s chances of winning, West coyly remarked, “I’m not denying it.”

TMZ claimed the rapper will turn his attention to Arizona as the next state in which he plans to crack the ballot. An insider told the outlet that West is sending over 100 people into the Copper State to try and gather the required 37,769 signatures. The insider also stated West’s petitioners are getting paid $8 for every signature collected, meaning the rapper would have to shell out $5 million if he wants to meet the required number.

West discussed his political views during a recent appearance on the Cannon Class podcast with Nick Cannon. He explained the origins of his party title, the “Birthday Party,” and how it ties into his stance on abortion. 

West’s birthday party

“When I came up with the name of my party, the Birthday Party, it was funny. It was just crazy, it was Yazy. I was like, ‘that’s it!’” he detailed. “I can only give God the glory because of the connection point to the Birthday Party is dealing with life and pro-life. Because these are kids that are now gonna get a chance to have birthdays.”

The rapper credited his pro-life stance to own personal experiences. He admitted to considering abortion when he and Kim Kardashian became pregnant with their first child, and rienterated how thankful he was that they chose against it.

Ballot lawsuit

“[My father] said that the abortion culture teaches people that a child isn’t a real soul,” West explained. “And it was my wife that said, ‘This is a soul.’ And the scariest thing is, she had the pills – you know, you take these pills, you take them and the next morning the baby’s gone – she had the pills in her hand.”

Despite his polarizing reception, West continues to push his agenda. The rapper recently sued to get on the West Virginia ballot, citing a lack of “accommodations” for individuals with no party affiliation. He also claimed violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. 

The Hill reported that West turned in 14,000 signatures for his West Virginia petition but only 6,383 were considered valid. He needed 7,144 signatures to be considered for the ballot. The West Virginia secretary of state’s office has not yet responded to the suit.

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