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'Kalp Yarasi' may be your new favorite Turkish drama series! Follow this romantic drama between Ferit and Ayse, two people from two different classes.

Here’s what you need to know about the TV series ‘Kalp Yarasi’

Story of Kalp Yarasi

Ferit (Gokhan Alkan) is a young man from the Sancakzade family, which is affluent and well-known. Instead of becoming a lawyer after graduating from law school, he resides in Antakya and works in his family’s company. 

Ferit is set to marry Hande (Merve Cagiran), who is from a rich family as well. Ferit and Hande have known each other since childhood and have decided to marry after receiving their parents’ blessing.

Ferit’s life is turned upside down three days before her wedding. Yaman (Toprak Can Adiguzel), his boyhood buddy, is kissing his soon-to-be wife Hande. The betrayal of Ferit’s girlfriend and boyhood buddy has left him disturbed.

Ferit has no choice but to flee the city as quickly as possible. He travels to Istanbul in order to spend some time alone. Ferit is unable to accept the truth that the individuals he has known since infancy have deceived him.

Ferit (Yagmur Tanrisevsin) meets Ayse (Yagmur Tanrisevsin) by chance when he arrives in Istanbul. Ayse is a powerful and attractive girl who works at the coffee shop. She is concerned about street animals and does everything she can to help them.

When Ferit injures a street dog by accident, he encounters Ayse and begins to know her. They hit it off right away and have a pleasant conversation.

Ferit has an unusual suggestion. He believes that if he travels to Antakya with Ayse and marries her in a white ceremony, he would be able to cancel his wedding to Hande. 

Even though everyone in Antakya is expecting it, he realises that he cannot marry Hande after her treachery. He also understands that if he ever informs anybody about Hande’s betrayal, he will lose his respect and dignity in Antakya.

Ferit can persuade his parents that he is in love with another lady if he marries Ayse in a white wedding. Azade (Senay Gurler), his mother, is a domineering lady who wants to be in charge of everything.

She sees Hande as the ideal bride for the Sancakzade family and is willing to go to any length to ensure that Hande and Ferit marry. As a result, Ferit has no choice but to find another wife for the Sancakzade family.

When Ferit suggests the marriage game, Ayse first refuses to accept the offer. Her close buddy, on the other hand, is sentenced to prison for hurting someone. Ayse finally accepts Ferit’s offer in order to save money for a decent lawyer.

Ferit and Ayse reach an agreement. They agreed to be married for six months and persuade everyone that they are in love, according to their contract. They would divorce after 6 months and return to their regular lives.

Meanwhile, Hande makes every effort to put things right. She remains silent in front of her family and mother-in-law. Before the wedding, she wants to speak with Ferit and explain that her kissing with Yaman was a mistake. She does not, however, get the opportunity to converse with him fully.

Hande can’t believe it when Ferit calls and cancels the wedding. Ferit will be returning to Antakya on the day of their wedding, she discovers. She feels that shortly before the wedding, she will be able to establish her innocence. As a result, she goes about her wedding planning as if nothing has occurred.

Ferit arrives in Antakya with her new bride Ayse on the wedding day. Everyone is taken aback all of a sudden. Ferit and Ayse marry despite the fact that Ferit’s and Hande’s families oppose the union.

When Azade refuses to ratify the marriage, the narrative grows more difficult, but Hande is not easily defeated.

The narrative of Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) is about Ferit and Ayse, who are stuck in a tough marital game for 6 months. Will Ferit be able to forgive Hande? Will Ferit and Ayse be able to persuade everyone that they are truly in love? Will Ayse be able to adjust to living in Antakya with Ferit’s family? Will Ferit and Ayse be able to make their marriage work?

Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) TV Series Cast

  • Gokhan Alkan as Ferit Sancakzade: He is the Sancakzade family’s heir. He is youthful, attractive, generous, and friendly. Instead of becoming a lawyer after graduating from law school, he works at his family’s company.
  • Yagmur Tanrisevsin as Ayse Yilmaz Sancakzade: She is a strong young woman who does her best to survive on her own after her parents died when she was a child. She will not be able to complete her college studies and obtain a university diploma. She works at an Istanbul coffee shop. Her greatest ambition is to establish her own coffee shop.
  • Merve Cagiran as Hande Varoglu:  Varoglu is the family’s only child. She has no trouble getting what she wants. After studying industrial design in New York City, she now works at her family’s firm. Ferit has been a part of her life since she was a youngster, and she has always known she would marry him. Her ambition is to turn her creations into a well-known international brand. She does not wish to live in her hometown.

  • Toprak Can Adiguzel as Yaman Ozturk: He is a young man with a lot of ambition and perseverance. His parents have been devoted employees of the Sancakzade family for many years. Yaman, although coming from a poor home, has the opportunity to attend the same school as Ferit and Hande. Yaman also works at the Sancakzade family’s industries, but he wants to further his career. He’s been in love with Hande for a long time, despite the fact that he knows Hande will marry Ferit.
  • Senay Gurler as Azade Sancakzade
  • Mahir Gunsiray as Adnan Sancakzade
  • Meltem Gulenc as Zumrut Varoglu
  • Riza Akin as Huseyin Varoglu
  • Inanc Konukcu as Sinan Sancakzade
  • Burcin Abdullah as Leman Sancakzade
  • Nail Kirmizigul as Ihsan Sancakzade 
  • Yonca Sahinbas as Vedia Sancakzade 
  • Naz Sayiner as Muge Sancakzade 
  • Melih Cardak as Bahtiyar 
  • Zehra Yilmaz as Betul 
  • Kemal Burak Alper as Baha
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