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As hurricane Eta made its way into Florida yesterday, one man caught footage of a monster-sized alligator. Check out these memes.

Man sees a dino in Florida? The internet has “Jurassic Park’ memes

As hurricane Eta made its way into Florida yesterday, one man caught footage of a monster-sized alligator (it’s probably an alligator, though from this footage it’s hard to tell – it could also be a croc) just moseying across a golf course.

The internet quickly caught wind of the massive gator & the Jurassic Park jokes started to flow in faster than Eta’s rain. It’s an understandable comparison, these creatures have been around since the dinosaurs & have a lot of visual similarities to what we think the dinos looked like. Seeing this enormous reptile clomping his way across the grass is incredibly intimidating even in video form.

It turns out the alligator isn’t unusually sized however, gators can grow to be 10 to 15 feet and weigh an average of 500 pounds. And if it is a croc, then it’s even less unusual, since they can be 14 to 17 feet and weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. Sorry, we had to drop some knowledge before we shared our favorite memes with you.

The original

This tweet isn’t particularly funny, but we had to include a tweet with the full video so you could see the impressive size of this alligator. Only a Florida man would slam his foot on the gas when seeing an animal this size.

2020 strikes again

The last thing we need right now is an actual Jurassic Park situation on our hands. However, if 2020 decides otherwise then we can’t stop this wild year. Let’s just hope the alligators stay in Florida.

Nope, nope, nope

Some people saw Jurassic Park trending on Twitter & got excited – the excitement was very short-lived, however. Nobody actually wants real dinosaurs and honestly, 2020 seems capable of anything right now.

Practically an expert

Okay, we know this Twitter user was joking, but hear us out – if gators have been around since approximately the Triassic period . . . aren’t they technically real dinosaurs?

Cut them off!

If they have dino-sized reptiles in Florida, it’s probably better to just cast them out to sea and disown them. Once again, Bugs Bunny was right.

Jurassic Park light

Diet Jurassic Park, dollar store Jurassic Park, you get the idea. Florida is a miniature dinosaur habitat & its existence should terrify us all.


We applaud this Twitter user because she was the only one to make a movie reference that wasn’t about dinos.

Also, she has a point, 2020 looks like one big messy game of Jumanji. Hopefully, when someone wins we start the year over & have normal lives just like the movie.

Naming things

Some people are good at naming things, we think this man on Twitter might have that gift. Twentitwentisauraus may not roll off the tongue, but it does get straight to the point.

Ah yes, apocalypse bingo

This joke comes up every time something strange happens in 2020, but it really hasn’t gotten old yet.

Of course, there is

Not to make this worse or anything, but remember what we said at the start of the article? Crocodiles already naturally weigh more than 2,000 pounds.


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