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Who was declared the winner in the epic Josh Fight this weekend? Jump into the fray of this bizarre Twitter event right here.

#JoshFight: Watch as these gentlemen battle for their namesake

The most epic battle of our time was a massive conflict between many similar, but very different individuals. Drawn in by a chance for glory, these mighty warriors met in a field to fight for the glory and honor of their name . . . to see who would be crowned the one, true . . . Josh?! 

Are we really this bored? A bunch of guys named Josh met in a field armed with pool noodles and bashed each other on Twitter in what amounted to be a glorified pillow fight. While it ended on a heartwarming note – the King of Joshes is a literal (and stinking cute) five-year-old – Twitter still won’t shut up about it. 

You may have heard rumblings about it late last week as memes circulated about a superior Josh and a fight for the . . . satisfaction of being the ultimate Josh, we guess? Anyhoo, Here’s the tea on #JoshFight and why this bizarre hashtag is still trending on Twitter. 

Josh Fight breakdown

If you’re curious how it all went down, someone filmed it for posterity. While there are Joshes in Chewbacca suits and pool noodles flying in various shades of lightsaber, Attack of the Clones this ain’t. 

Josh folklore

Our children and our children’s children will remember the epic Josh Fight of 2021! 

Lower expectations

Higher expectations do lead to diminishing returns. Case in point: Storm Area 51. 

Granted, the Josh Fight turned out to be more entertaining than six UFO enthusiasts Naruto-running in Nevada. 

Twitter’s even breaking out the doge meme. 

Is this The Onion

In what universe does #JoshFight make Sports Center

OK, who put this on Google Maps? 


Don’t you wish your parents named you Josh so you can fight other Joshes in a cornfield? 

Existence is pain

A bunch of Mr. Meeseeks fighting until Jerry perfects his golf swing could pretty much sum up our expectations of the Josh Fight. 

From silliness to heartwarming

Seeing Little Josh emerge victorious was a crowning moment of awwwww for the internet. 

We still wouldn’t want to tangle with Little Josh though. 

King Josh fanart

The winner of the Great Josh Fight is a five-year-old named Little Josh. The honors bestowed unto him are forthwith: Little Josh shall be immortalized forever as a hashtag and as animated fanart. 

Josh fight: the sequel? 

Could we get a Chris Fight in Iowa? 

What did you think of #JoshFight? Did you watch the action yesterday? Let us know in the comments! 

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