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MMA wrestler Ben Askren and YouTuber Jake Paul are gearing up for the MMA fight of their lives. Twitter's also prepping for the fight with these sick memes.

Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul: How is Twitter preparing for the fight?

The fight is on between two social media heavyweights, Ben Askren & Jake Paul, as they take their rivalry to the cage for a big MMA matchup this weekend. 

Jake Paul, a YouTuber, began his MMA fighting career against fellow internet influencer Ali Al Fakri, who Paul defeated in 258 seconds. Now, he goes head-to-head with career MMA fighter Ben Askren. The match was announced last March and will go ahead tomorrow night. 

However, Paul isn’t only facing Ben Askren in the ring. He was accused of sexual assault in a twenty-minute video from Justine Paradise, who alleged Paul assaulted her in 2019. Paul denied the claims, and his lawyer released a statement saying Paul will “pursue legal action against those responsible for the defamation of character.” 

With the recent allegations and the highly anticipated fight, how will Twitter react? Will they see the Ben Askren matchup as a hero vs. villain saga or a David vs. Goliath underdog story where a content creator needs to prove his worth against a more seasoned foe? Let’s get into the ring and check out what Twitter’s saying. 

“Why do you wanna fight?” 

Pinned to the top of Ben Askren’s Twitter page is a Rocky-style montage of him preparing for the throw-down against Jake Paul. We think calling Paul “Logan Paul’s little brother” are some fighting words! 

Here for the cave-man

Twitter wondered what was up with Ben Askren’s schnozz. His Roman nose is prominent, but it looks like #TeamAskren is here for him on Twitter no matter what his features are. 

How Twitter expects the fight to go

One-hit KO? We’ll have to see if Ben Askren delivers tomorrow night. 

Team Paul is here

Do they want to see Jake Paul win, or do they just want to see Ben Askren lose? 

Pay-per moves? 

Any MMA stan knows pay-per-view is a thing, but what about pay-per-moves? Looks like Ben Askren is setting up a GoFundMe to throw down some serious hurt on Jake Paul. 

Airplane go WHEEE! 

We (barely) remember doing this move when we were toddlers. 


If this isn’t the illest diss against Ben Askren & Jake Paul, we don’t know what is. 

What have we become? 

This tweet makes us question . . . what are we doing here? 

That is one strong bet

And one strong swipe at the Olive Garden. 


Twitter has so much confidence in Ben Askren, they’re pulling out the Tiger King memes. 


Those are fighting words! 

Viral video

We smell a viral video coming on with several remixes. 

Who are you rooting for in the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren matchup? Let us know in the comments! 

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