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The unofficial modern king of horror, Jordan Peele, has been a busy man. So let’s dive into where you can see him next in 2020.

What’s Jordan Peele’s new movie? Everything to expect in 2020

The unofficial modern king of horror, Jordan Peele, has been a busy man. After getting critical acclaim for Us (yet no award nominations like he deserves), he took a spin as Bunny in Toy Story 4, hosted The Twilight Zone reboot on CBS All Access, and created a new Youtube Premium show, Weird City.

If anyone was worried that Peele was taking a break in 2020 after having such a successful 2019, you can stop worrying. The Peele hype train doesn’t have to stop just yet, as there’s more film and TV projects coming from the legend himself. From a new HBO horror drama to a highly anticipated Amazon original series, to two new horror films that he is writing and starring in.

Peele’s 2020 looks just as busy as his 2019, so let’s dive into where you can see him next. Of course, the entertainment industry is always changing, so some of these projects may be delayed further. 


Who doesn’t love an action show about killing Nazis? Jordan Peele’s first 2020 project is the release of Hunters, a show about Nazi hunters in 1977 NYC trying to stop the rise of the Fourth Reich. Peele is on board the show as an executive producer for its freshman season. Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Carol Kane lead the cast.

First-time series creator David Weil got support from Peele and his production company Monkeypaw Productions. Even with Weil’s inexperience, that’s probably how the show got a straight-to-series order from Amazon. Or maybe it’s just Amazon’s desire to pump out as much content as Netflix. 


While remakes are getting old, Jordan Peele has a chance of breaking the streak with this direct sequel to the original Candyman. Little Woods director Nia DaCosta’s sophomore effort will take on the urban legend horror film, with original Candyman Tony Todd returning to frighten a new generation. 

Peele is on board as a writer and producer for the new film. He wrote the script with frequent collaborator Win Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld worked with Peele on Hunters, The Twilight Zone, and The Last O.G. Candyman himself Todd made it clear how happy he is that Peele is on board, thanks to his history with successful horror. The film has a summer release on June 12th. 

Lovecraft Country

While nothing in terms of a release has been announced from HBO, Lovecraft Country has been in production for long enough it has to be getting a late 2020 release. The Peele-produced show focuses on Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors) and his group traveling across a Jim Crow America in the 1950s, facing racial horror alongside horrors that could be ripped from a Lovecraft novel. 

Peele is working with J.J. Abrams on the production, which went into production back in summer 2018. While the majority of the cast was announced before production, casting announcements continued into 2019, so who knows how much longer it will be before this show hits HBO. They may be saving Lovecraft Country for HBO Max though. 


Jordan Peele has done a lot of producing and directing in the world of horror, but Abruptio gives him a chance to act it out. The film stars James Marsters as Les Hackel, a man who wakes up with a bomb strapped to his neck, who has to act out heinous crimes to stay alive. 

Peele stars in the film in a supporting role, alongside horror legend Sig Haig. However, post-production work halted on the film after Haig’s unexpected death in September 2019. Post-production has not resumed yet, so the film’s release is unknown at this point.

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