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Get ready to celebrate the long & successful career of Johnny Depp all the way from the 90s to now. Remember all his most iconic roles with us here.

From the 90s to now: Here are Johnny Depp’s most iconic roles

Johnny Depp has always been one of the world’s most well-known actors ever since he officially stepped into the Hollywood limelight in the 90s. With such an impressive & long career, the actor has gone through a lot and even grown an audience out in Japan (much like ミスティーノ). Let’s celebrate all his years by looking back at his most iconic roles in Hollywood so far. 

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21 Jump Street (1987-1991)

Johnny Depp truly was the breakout star in this iconic TV show, and his role on 21 Jump Street definitely was the starting point for just how successful the actor would continue to be throughout the 90s. The star left the show after the fourth season, but his role was definitely one that was memorable. The show was so iconic that it even inspired the reboot films played by comedic icons Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill. 

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

This 90s classic film was not just a defining role for Johnny Depp, but for the then-young Leonardo DiCaprio as well. In this heartbreaking film, Johnny Depp plays Gilbert, a twenty-four year old brother who faces the challenge of having to take care of a family that includes an obese mother and a intellectually disabled younger brother. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape remains a timeless, heartbreaking classic. 

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Another classic 90s masterpiece, Edward Scissorhands was the first of ultimately many movies that Johnny Depp would end up doing with director Tim Burton. It was so iconic that Tim Burton still calls this his favorite amongst his other works to date. Alongside Winona Ryder, this movie is a fantasy romance where Depp plays one of his most iconic roles to date: a young man who has scissor blades instead of hands.


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Hailed as another classic Tim Burton movie, Johnny Depp brought his A plus acting game again to his famous role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in the role of Sweeney, an English barber who murders his customers with his razor and turns their corpses into meat pies with his accomplice, played by Helena Bonham Carter. 

This role is iconic because Johnny Depp even won the Golden Globe for Best Actor through his performance in this role. This slasher musical is definitely a must watch, even after all these years. 

Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

Who could forget about this amazing franchise that spans five films? This role is where Johnny Depp truly outshined, playing an adventurous, joking, and obscure pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow who gets into all kinds of trouble thanks to his daring & lighthearted personality. This series is full of adventure, comedy, and amazing acting & cinematography. 

This series went on to become a cult classic Disney film, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) even landed Johnny Depp the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, and also gave him plenty of other Best Actor nominations from the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTAS. To this day, Captain Jack Sparrow remains an unforgettable character.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

To top off such an impressive list of iconic performances, we have one of the best family-friendly movies to come out of the early 2000s. In the reboot of the original movie & book, Johnny Depp truly shines in the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka is an aloof & playful owner of the world’s most famous chocolate factory, and after years of closing his factory, he invites five lucky children to come in for a tour. However, it soon becomes clear that this chocolate factory is certainly not like the rest. This movie has it all: the feels, laughter, happiness, and best of all, lots and lots of singing. 

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