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Alex Trebek, host of 'Jeopardy', was truly a one of a kind host. here are the rumored top candidates for the role of 'Jeopardy''s host.

Who could fill Alex Trebek’s shoes on ‘Jeopardy’? The top candidates

Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, was truly a one of a kind host. With a passion for knowledge and smooth even tones, he directed the series as a true class act over his career. Even working up until two weeks before his death from cancer, Jeopardy is running Trebek’s final 35 episodes that he completed before his passing. Hopefully, during this time, they can search for someone to make the attempt to fill his shoes.

But who could it be? Trebek was Jeopardy for so many people. Much like how Pat Sajak and Vanna White are Wheel of Fortune or Howie Mandell is Let’s Make a Deal, Trebek is a host utterly tied to his series. So who would even begin to carry on his legacy going forward with Jeopardy? While the producers try to figure that out, here are the rumored top candidates for the role. 

Betty White

Trebek has never outright named anyone who he would want to take over the role from him. Largely saying that he would leave that up to the people in charge. Over the years, however, he has jokingly said Betty White’s name for a replacement host. On Good Morning America in July 2020, Trebek said, “I joke with the audience all the time and I say, ‘Betty White,’ because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier.”

White, herself, is a noted fan of Jeopardy and, apparently, had a crush on Trebek. Given that White is 98, however, this is probably not a long term solution. Though if the producers need time to find a new host, then having a bunch of guests hosts to fill in would make sense. But that’s the only way that White would host Jeopardy.

Ken Jennings

Out of everyone on this list, Jennings is probably the most likely to be given the hosting gig. Not only does he hold the title of the “winningest Jeopardy contestant” and won the Greatest of All Time competition, but Jennings was also made a consulting producer and brand ambassador for the series back in Sept. 2020. Jennings is probably the most recognizable contestant that the show has produced.

In addition to all of this, he’s also written books on the topic of trivia. People are speculating that his producer credit was to start grooming him for the hosting role behind the scenes. On paper, it’s a role that makes the most sense and definitely has a “keeping it in the family” sort of vibe. 

George Stephanopoulos

The 59-year-old anchor and political correspondent said that he thinks hosting Jeopardy would be “fun”. Of course, Stephanopoulos is well-aware that the person taking over the role from Trebek would have “big shoes to fill”. At this time, however, he’s reportedly not lobbying for the role, or so a source at ABC told The New York Post. Still, other reports say that he’s pursuing the role as well, so who knows?

Laura Coates 

In an interview with TMZ back in 2018, Trebek floated the name of Laura Coates, a CNN analyst, as a possible candidate to replace him as host of Jeopardy. While Coates hasn’t said anything outright, a tweet posted by her in honor of his passing also reflected on losing her own grandmother to pancreatic cancer. 

“I’m profoundly saddened by the passing of Alex Trebek. When my own grandmother lost her battle w/ pancreatic cancer, the void she left was devastating & unimaginable. I pray his family will feel the love we all feel thinking of the mark this humble legend has left on the world.”

Alex Faust

In the same TMZ interview, Trebek also threw the name of LA Kings announcer Alex Faust to producers as well. He didn’t really say much about him, only that he mentioned the name to producers as someone to keep an eye on for replacing him as host in the future. 

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