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We all know about Jeffrey Epstein, the sex trafficker who was responsible for a vast criminal network. Check out a new dossier that was just unearthed.

Who was Jeffrey Epstein? Learn about his disgusting trafficking techniques

Jeffrey Epstein is widely known for his appetite for young girls and for the vast sex trafficking network he built. Through the years, a number of women came to police investigators to report Epstein’s misconduct and the horrible way he treated & kept the girls hostage on his properties.

The trafficking scheme began when Epstein hired those girls for things like massage therapy or through financing arts. Then, Epstein asked his victims to fulfill his sexual desires, leading the young girls into a situation of submission & bondage where he abused them. He allegedly carried out his abuse with former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and high-profile clients, including Prince Andrew & Bill Clinton. 

Official reports claimed Epstein died by suicide in his cell, but the case is far from over: one of his victims has recently revealed more secrets of the scheme, but with a huge twist. The techniques used are even more disgusting than we all know he & Maxwell used. And that’s what we’ll show you here.

Use of blackmail

New filings in the case have revealed that Epstein & Maxwell used blackmail against some of the victims in attempts to prevent the girls from leaving their properties. Attorney Carissa Phelps, who has been one of Epstein’s victims, stated in a Russia Today TV show that Epstein claimed that people were holding dossiers and information about his victims and he used those against his victims to keep them in his control.

According to Phelps, Epstein used blackmail against his young victims to scare them, saying they would “lose an opportunity” or “get in trouble” if they all left him.

“Coverup” businesses

The same attorney told the TV network that a corporation called HBRK has been involved in Epstein’s ventures, resulting in the massive trafficking of young girls. This company, just like others, helped Epstein & Maxwell to control the girls being abused.

These partnerships reportedly helped the trafficking grow, as well as they kept the blackmailing tactics very alive & well against the victims.

Not believed

The new dossier further revealed the couple’s ability to devise stories to convince public authorities they weren’t doing anything wrong or illegal. To do this, Epstein would use his circle of influence, a “who’s who” of entertainers, politicians, and high-powered attorneys as cover.

Epstein & Maxwell reportedly used this tactic numerous times, appealing to their so-called authority to control victims. They allegedly tried to disqualify the victims’ claims, saying that authorities would not believe them. The dossier also claimed Epstein & Maxwell convinced victims that their abuse was their choice, forcing them to be ashamed of their allegations.

Taking away things that motivate

Per the dossier, Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell also took away their victims’ character & dignity in a way to further keep them under control, discouraging them to follow an independent path.

The technique was reportedly employed to demean the victim’s existence & credibility. The dossier further elaborated that Epstein & Maxwell used acts like rubbing feet and serving food to someone important at the couple’s properties as a way to keep their victims under control at all times.

These tasks also served as reminders to the victims that they were not good enough, and there was nothing they could do about their situation. The dossier further elaborated that Epstein constantly & systematically forced the girls to feel guilty if they tried to leave. All these allegations were overlooked by authorities, as they were lured by Epstein’s money and influence to dump them.

Who was Jeffrey Epstein? The dossier and numerous records speak for themselves. Do you think Epstein’s victims will receive justice? Do you think the dossier will be brought up during Ghislaine Maxwell’s upcoming trial? Let us know in the comments.

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