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Did girls who were sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein become physically ill? Delve into how one of his victims reported contracting a rare bone disease.

Did Jeffrey Epstein cause a young girl to develop a rare bone disease?

Caroline Kaufman, 27, claims she was one of the many girls raped by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She recently spoke to The Sun about her encounter with Epstein and her ongoing lawsuit against his estate. Kaufman says she’s been diagnosed with a bone disease which she believes stems from an injury Epstein gave her during the attack. She’s now suing Epstein’s estate for half a billion dollars. 

Osteomyelitis, which has developed in Kaufman’s jaw, causes severe pain and muscle spasms. It can only be alleviated through expensive surgery. Kaufman began her suit last year but paused it to apply to the victims’ fund. When Kaufman realized the fund’s offer, which she said was “offensive”,  wouldn’t even cover the cost of her surgery, she pressed forward with the suit.

The fund for Epstein’s victims was given a total of $87 million. The late pedophile had a net worth of over $600 million, so Kaufman and her lawyer, Spencer Kuvin, plan to go after Epstein’s remaining $500 million. With the money, Kaufman says, “I want to get the money for my surgery but also start a charity and give money to other victims out there. “The girls who have come forward have made a difference to my life”. 

Caroline Kaufman’s story

Caroline Kaufman says she was seventeen years old when she was approached by Susan Hamblin at a horse show in Lake Placid. According to Kaufman, Hamblin later called and invited the young girl to a party at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in the Upper East Side of New York City. Allegedly, Prince Andrew was also in attendance at the party, though Kaufman isn’t accusing him of any wrongdoing.

Kaufman reported Epstein forced her to perform oral sex at the party, and at one point, he pinned her to the ground. In the process, she says “he forced my arm and as he did that he nicked my jaw”. That injury later developed into osteomyelitis, Kaufman believes. The disease has forced Kaufman onto expensive medication, and it requires surgery to be properly corrected.

After the incident at Epstein’s party, Kaufman says she was “suicidal” and went through intense emotional struggles throughout her late teens and early twenties. “I went through a long period of depression and stopped riding horses. I didn’t think I was good for much,” she said. Now, after spending years working through her trauma, she says, “I’m really grateful for my life now and that I have a second chance at everything.”

Ongoing lawsuit

Jeffrey Epstein has already been convicted of sexually abusing multiple girls. Kaufman’s story is sadly in line with others that have come before. If she wins her suit, it would be the largest financial blow Epstein’s estate has faced in light of his past abuses. 

Spencer Kuvin, Kaufman’s lawyer, who represents other girls victimized by Jeffrey Epstein, also spoke with The Sun. He said he would leave speculation on the cause of Kaufman’s osteomyelitis up to doctors, but added that “if there’s clinical support that the type of abuse she suffered at Epstein’s hands could be related to some of the conditions that she has, then obviously we’ll pursue that theory in litigation”. 

Kuvin continued, saying, “With her medical problems and complications from that, our goal is to take care of her as well and as long as we possibly can”. Kaufman has said that aside from paying her medical bills, she wants to use the money gained from the lawsuit to start a charity for the other girls abused by Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in his jail cell in 2019. For now, Kaufman’s & Kuvin’s legal battle is ongoing. 

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