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There's a new beekeeper in town and his name is Jason Statham! Here's what his net worth looks like now.

Is Jason Statham going broke? Inside his net worth

Hollywood’s hard-hitting action hero, Jason Statham, is back on the big screen with The Beekeeper, and it’s creating quite the buzz. Directed by David Ayer, known for End of Watch, this revenge thriller is not your typical shoot-’em-up flick. 

Imagine a world where Statham, as ex-special operative Adam Clay, turns into a beekeeper. Yes, a beekeeper. But this isn’t a serene story about a man and his bees. It’s a tale of vengeance sparked by a friend’s tragic demise due to a phishing scam. With a net worth of $90 million, is it a net worth that a beekeeper can uphold?

The critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes sums it up: “Cheerfully undemanding and enjoyably retrograde, The Beekeeper proves that when it comes to dispensing action-thriller justice, Statham hasn’t lost his sting.” Sitting at a respectable seventy-one percent, this film is a blend of nostalgia and new-age cinema, drawing viewers with its unique premise and Statham’s undeniable screen presence.

Action With a Sting

One review highlights Statham’s commitment to his craft, noting his personal involvement in the film’s stunts, adding a layer of authenticity to the action sequences. It’s this level of dedication that has cemented Statham as a top-tier action star. Another critic points out, though the film might not be groundbreaking, it’s precisely what audiences expect from a Statham thriller: action-packed and entertaining.

However, not all feedback is glowing. Some critics have mentioned the film’s derivative nature and rough edges. Yet, they also acknowledge the energy and silliness that make it a fun cinema experience. 

Others were more critical, comparing it unfavorably to Michael Bay’s work, citing over-editing and a lack of character development. But even among the detractors, there’s an appreciation for the film’s dynamic action and Ayer’s enthusiastic direction.

The Future of The Beekeeper

Amidst the varied opinions, one thing is clear: The Beekeeper is an unapologetically brash and bold film. Some reviews suggest sequel potential, envisioning a new franchise that thrives on its irreverent take on the action genre. The film’s blend of action, humor, and a hint of political commentary presents an intriguing foundation for future installments.

Beyond his on-screen persona, Jason Statham’s success story is impressive. With a net worth of ninety million dollars, he’s a top earner in the action genre, commanding over ten million dollars per film. His real estate ventures, including savvy buys and sales, add to his financial portfolio, showcasing his acumen off-camera as well.

The Beekeeper might not reinvent the action genre, but it certainly adds a unique flavor to it. With Statham’s star power and Ayer’s bold direction, it’s a film that’s hard to ignore. So, are you ready to see Statham swap his guns for a beekeeper’s hat and bring a swarm of action to the big screen?

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